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Father of the modern education

Edier Harold Monroy Mesa

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of COMENIUS

Jan Amos Komenský

- Fostered the belief that education should
“follow the natural order of things”.
- Children should be allowed to learn at their own pace.
- Learning by doing.
Idea of human being

Despite the prevalent human suffering of his day, Comenius remained optimistic about the future of mankind, as he believed in the immanence of God and the imminence of God's kingdom on Earth. As God's creations, humans were necessarily good, not corrupt.

Through universal education and pedagogy, pansophy would eliminate human prejudice and lead to human perfection–a state of being that God had intended for man.
Most important work
The Great Didactic. A good man and a good society could only be created if all people

In order to guarantee that this would occur, Comenius delineated a universal...
He was born in 1592 in Nivnice, Moravia, in the area
that is now the
Czech Republic.
1- Books with illustrations.
2- Education with the senses.
3- Social reforms-educate the
poor as well as the rich.
Most important contributions

Attempted to incorporate theology, philosophy, and education into one. He believed
that learning, spiritual, and
emotional growth were all woven

What Comenius referred to as the
Via Lucis, or 'way of light,' was
the pursuit of higher learning and spiritual enlightenment bound together

Today applications
Nowadays a number of educators revive the
pedagogical elements of Comenius’s legacy.
* Aversion to corporal punishment.
* A carefully graded system of schools.
* Innovative use of learning aids such as the illustrations.
* To make learning enjoyable and more meaningful.

Amsterdam, 15 November 1670
...teaching method or standard set of pedagogical postulates that would facilitate an effective communication of knowledge between the teacher and student.

Comenius suggested that the universality of nature dictated that all people shared common stages of intellectual development.
John Amos Comenius
Known today as the
Father of Modern Education
Yenifer Morales
Yuliana Betancur
Edier Monroy
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