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RL.3.6 Point of View

No description

Jean McCool

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of RL.3.6 Point of View

Point of View
Who knows the story of the 3 little pigs?
The Wolf tells it differently!
Dialogue and Narration
is when characters speak. We can tell a character is speaking when words are separated by quotation marks. Narration is when the
speaks. The
is the person who is telling the story.
Point of View
Point of view is the perspective from which the story is told, or the eyes and ears of the story. This is how the author lets us see and hear what's going on in their story. If you were to tell me a story about what you did over the weekend, your story would be from your point of view.
Mrs. McCool
Grade 3
Distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator or those of the characters..

Key Terms
Point of view
The video we watched was different from the original story because it was told from a different point of view.
1's tell 2's
Whose point of view was the video told from?
"I'll huff and I'll puff ,"
the wolf said.
The wolf is saying the words in quotation marks. The narrator is telling us what the wolf is saying.
We look at the
when we want to know the point of view, not the

Example: I heard the Third Little Pig yell, "And your old granny can sit on a pin!"
Is this narrator first person or third person?
Activity #3
With your partner, choose a story to read and discuss from TumbleBooks ( http://www.tumblebooks.com/ ). (15)
Work together to answer the following questions about your chosen story:
Whose point of view is the story told from?
Is it in first, second, or third person?
Why do you think the author chose this point of view?
Pick a character other than the narrator. How was this character feeling/acting?
How would the story be different if it were told from this character's point of view? How would it be the same?
Why does the story change when we hear it from a different point of view?
1st, 2nd, or 3rd
There are different
of point of view.
First person
point of view:
A character in the story is the narrator. They use pronouns like
, and
to describe events as they experience them.
I had just grabed the doorknob when I felt another sneeze coming on. I huffed and I snuffed. I tried to cover my mouth, but I sneezed a great sneeze.
Second person
point of view:
The story is told from
point of view. This is used mostly for instructions, but sometimes for stories as well. The author uses the pronoun
to address the reader.
1st, 2nd, or 3rd ctd.
Third person
point of view:
The narrator is not a character in the story. They use pronouns like
, and
to describe the story as if they were watching the events unfold from a distance. This is the most common kind of point of view for fiction writing.
"Not by the hair on my chiny chin chin," said the little pig. So the wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the straw house in.
When you've finished your questions, go to http://vocaroo.com/
(16 on Tes.com)
Each partner chooses a page from their story (with dialogue) to ready aloud and record. Here's how:
Click "Click to Record."
A box will pop up. Click "allow."
Take turns reading your chosen pages. Use voices for the different characters.
When you're finished, click "Stop."
Click "Listen" to play it back. If you want to try again, click "Retry" to start over. If you're happy with it, click "Click here to save" at the bottom of the screen.
Copy the link that appears under "Sharing options."
Share your work!
Go to our class website ( http://jmccool3rdgrade.weebly.com/ ) and go to the "Discussion Forum" page.
Find the Point of View Lessons topic in the News section of the forum. Embed your recording into a reply and click "Reply" to post it!
We learned:
How to determine point of view
How point of view affects a story
The difference between dialogue and narration
What first and third points of view are
are looking out the window when
mom walks in.
Partners be ready to tell their answer
Who is telling the story?
(the narrator)
What question would you ask the narrator about his point
of view during an interview?
01 Wolf
What information did
the narrator leave out because it opposed his point of view?
02 Wolf
I'll huff and I'll puff, bellowed Mr. Wolf, and I'll blow your house down!
Go to our class website (or 14 on Tes.Com)
( http://jmccool3rdgrade.weebly.com/ ) and go to the "Discussion Forum" page.

Practice typing:
"The noise level is zero," said Ryan.
Press submit

Then type the following sentence with quotation marks and press reply...
Exit Ticket
Point of View:
Why is it important for good readers to identify their own poins of view about a fiction text? (RL.3.6)
Content Knowledge
Essential Question:

Point of
Turn & Talk
1's tell 2's....
What perspective / pov are test
questions written in? How can
you tell?
2's Be ready to share 1's answer...
Turn & Talk:
2's tell 1's...
What is the theme
of Tops & Bottoms?
1's Be ready to share...
With your partner
review lesson in Block 12
and practice... 2's first
the 1's.
Session #GDEIT
Your POINT OF VIEW is the way you see something. It can also be called your PERSPECTIVE. How many perspectives do you see in these sketches?
Write a short narrative in first person point of view from
Perspective #1.
Write a short
narrative in first person point of view from Perspective #2
Write a short narrative in third person point of view for Perspective #2
Write a short narrative in third person point of view for Perspective #1
Discussion Forum
There is a man who has been stranded on an island for a long, long time. He wants off the island and is excited
to see the boat. The man on the island
yells, "Boat!"
I am so excited to see a boat! I want to get off this little island and go home.
Man on Island
Man on Boat
There is a man in a boat, who has
been lost at sea. He wants off the
boat and is excited to see land. He
is so excited to see land. The man
in the boat screams, "Land!"
I am so happy
to see land at
last! I want out
of this boat!
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