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Cognitive levels in Computer Applications Technology examina

No description

Pam Miller

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Cognitive levels in Computer Applications Technology examina

Cognitive levels in
CAT exams

Lower order - 30%
Middle order - 40%
Higher order - 30%
Lower order
• Knowledge / Remembering
• Routine procedures
Middle order
• Understanding / Applying
• Multi-step procedures
Higher order
• Analysing / Evaluating / Creating
• Problem solving
Actions - Lower order
• Basic formatting
• File actions
• Following instructions
• Most of Home-tab actions, excluding customizing
• Many of Insert-tab actions
• Some of Page Layout tab actions
• Some of Review tab actions
Actions - Middle order
Analyse, figure out a document or part of a document given as a screenshot to reproduce by applying appropriate functions and techniques
General instructions to reproduce
Multi step procedures

Actions - Higher levels
Things where they have to figure out strategies and the best/ appropriate techniques and functions of “how to”, make decisions, etc.
They will have to analyse it to determine strategies and the techniques and functions they need to use
It should include many things to analyse, interpret and figure out, e.g. Olympiad type questions
Indicate marks on question paper
Lower - Routine procedures, e.g. simple instruction, one step - Marks for step
Middle - Multi-step procedures, e.g. changing styles, or give a picture / diagram and say do something similar - Marks for whole procedure
Higher - Problem solving, e.g. open ended, do and find own solution / method of doing it - Marks for completed solution
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