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Copy of iPads in Therapy

No description

Hayley Goodwin

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of iPads in Therapy

Why do we want iPads?
How will we use them?
iPad: Inspiring, Pioneering, Active, Dynamic
Free to members
Tuesday, 28, April 2015
COT News
June 2011 - May 2013
Inspiration for the project...2011
Many...and many more to come!
The journey to get ONE iPad for the team was long and difficult!
iPads in Therapy
A year on....
Hayley Goodwin - @OTthoughts
Other sectors already benefiting from using iPads
Best practice in other counties
Societal trends
e.g whats cool and in right now!
Using an iPad personally
A parent requested advice regarding using an iPad with their child
It's an everyday occupation, right?
Other sectors already benefiting from using iPads
A parent asked about the use of iPads as a communication aid.

It is a growing trend in learning disabilities practice, especially with voice over apps.(TherapyBox)
Best Practice...networking on twitter
Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of emails
lots and lots and lots more forms!
I met with IT and demonstrated how iPads could be used (using my personal iPad)
Request refused from IT because
"iPads are not currently supported for use on the trusts network, other than by Executive Directors"
Various emails sent between individuals in the trust and raised at The Big Listen with board of directors
Can iPads be used
as a therapy assessment tool?
Does the iPad impact on clients
Can iPads be used as an intervention tool?
What is the clinical impact on service delivery?
As the tools evolve, OT and SaLT practitioners need to become proficient on the use and appropriateness of new technology, to enable individuals to participate in society.

Fernandes, 2011
'Today the iPad is seen as
the number one therapy
tool for many therapists'

Fernandes, 2011
Part 2!
Cost Saving for clients
Current AAC are the price of an iPad and a AAC app
Cost Saving for Services
up to £161
Free app
Made, printed and laminated
Time: 2 hours
Saved images
Time: 10 mins
Vulnerability in the community
Back Care
Modern and Trendy
Service Demands
17% of referrals are requesting an iPad assessment
Taking photos using the iPads meant i did NOT need
a SECOND visit
Video AMPS for scoring later and used in London AMPS group - Excellent REPUTATION for HPFT
'I have used the iPad in most of my SLT assessments'
Whats the future?
Adult Learning Disabilities
Skype Ax

Most people with a LD will have an iPad

It will change our practice as OTs

We need to be creative with technology

IT systems in the NHS
Now have 10 iPads and iPods
Technology changes fast
Pinterest - 'apps for OT'

Be creative - think about the skills each app requires (activity analysis)

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