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Look at the picture the author chose to include with his art

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Elizabeth Seely

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Look at the picture the author chose to include with his art

Image by Tom Mooring
Preview the text features and then read the article below.
Reread the last paragraph of the article. What is the purpose of including this paragraph? Give one detail from the text to support your answer.
1. What text feature do you see here?

2. Why did the author choose to present the information in this format rather than just writing it in paragraph form. Use at least two reasons and support each reason.

Objective: By the end of class, you should be able to analyze text features and structure.
Look at the picture the author chose to include with his article. Then look at another picture of gold mines he could have chosen. Why did he choose the one he did? What point is he trying to make? Explain your answer with two reasons.
Why did the author put the map next to the text? Explain your answer using two reasons.
The title of this article hints at the main idea but does not draw in the reader. Create a new, more effective title. Then give two pieces of text evidence that show how your title connects to the article.
Now, for something unrelated....
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