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The Detroit Wallpaper Co.

Launch November 2012

Andi Kubacki

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Detroit Wallpaper Co.

The Detroit Wallpaper Co. has put together over sixty designs grouped in six different collections. Our Botanical collection is about as elegant as the outdoors gets; think Mother Nature, but in a little black dress. With our unique assortment of modern botanicals, you can bring the outdoors in without sacrificing big city style. Get your walls all dressed up with nothing to do but look fabulous. Our love of classic textile design and technique with a twist of innovation is showcased by our FABric wallpaper collection. Our METRIX collection consists of geometric designs with a nod to 60’s and 70’s patterns, while looking forward with a modern sensibility. These are bold, graphic patterns for today’s homeowner who is not afraid to express their taste with adventurous shapes and styles. Intricate line work and pattern versus negative space are the major players in this collection. Our Wallgazer collection is the purest representation of our love for the marriage between high concept and functional design. Wallgazer offers myriad looks from glamorous to sophisticatedly playful, all through the cultural filter of our technologically dominated environment. Drawing upon the love of travel, our Wander Walls collection seeks to use a sense of place to transport the viewer to distant locales. From such destinations as Paris and Morocco, to domestic cities including San Francisco and of course Detroit. These patterns may evoke a moment in time, or a feeling of nostalgia for a former home. We believe that kids rooms shouldn’t be quietly and tackily cordened off areas but actually part of the home and representative of it’s overall décor. Hence, we offer a stylish wallpaper solution that will mature with kids as they grow. 10% post consumer waste. Raw pulp comes from FSC certified forests. Printed with Latex inks Choose your pattern. Select the first color. Select the second color. Place order for the desired quantity of rolls in your custom colorway. Use our online design tool to create custom color combinations perfect for any space.
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