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Social Classes in Pygmalion and there Relation to Power and Money

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Samuelson Jones

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Social Classes in Pygmalion and there Relation to Power and Money

What is a Social Classes? Social Classes in Pygmalion and there Relations to Money and Power People in High Class People in Low Class People in the Middle Class The Social Classes in Pygmalion are:
- Low Its a groups of people having the same social, economic, or educational status. Higgins is rich and is well educated. Therefore he is considered as a member of the high class this gives Higgins power. Higgins used his power to be able to boast that he can transform Eliza which he eventually did. Mr. Higgins Mrs. Higgins Mrs. Higgins is a very rich lady. She is the richest of all the charaters and that gives her the most power. Mrs. Higgins uses her power over Eliza and Higgins through out Pygmalion. Colonel Pickering Pickering is a rich gentleman who is very nice and polite with Eliza. He worked together with Mr.Higgins to teach Eliza how to speak as a duchess. Pickering didn't display alot of power through out Pygmalion even though he was rich and in the high class. Mr. Doolittle Mr. Doolittle Eliza's dad had a transformation in Pygmalion. He started off poor the same as Eliza. Doctors didn't want to see him and he had no relatives when he was poor. However when he became rich and moved from low class to middle class he gain many more relatives and doctors wanted to see him regularly. Mr.Doolittle had power when he became rich but he wasn't as powerfully as the high class group. Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Mrs. Eynsford-Hill is in the upper middle class however her wealthy was declining. Mrs. Eynford-Hill is the mother of Clara who is also in the middle class. Eliza Eliza who was the main character in Pygmalion was poor after all. Eliza was givenall the characteristics of a rich person. She was taugh how to speak, dress and act as a rich woman. This however didn't qualify her to be rich. Eliza was poor because she didn't have the money which her character deceives you to think she has. Eliza is unique because unlike her all the other character's power came with money . She was poor but she used her training she got from Higgins on how to be a rich lady to show her power without money. Freddy Even though Freddy was the son of Mrs. Eynsford-Hill a middle class rich lady, Freddy was poor. He was the least in the Eynsford-Hill family and his mother and sister both commanded him to do things. Samuelson Jones
English 4
9th Period One can come to a conclusion that generally in society the amount of money you have is the level of power you have and both money and power defines the class in which you fall in. I believe that Shaw thought that social classes are an important part of society. The reason is that through out Pygmalion Shaw displayed how money,power and social classes interacted with each other by giving each character a different class.
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