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My Physical Educational Life

No description

Yan Kukharuk

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of My Physical Educational Life

Volleyball VolleyBall Worst Moment Excited Accomplished impressed amazed Happy Adrenaline focused Wish game was video taped couldn't stop smiling Loosing my first Volleyball game becuase I touched the net Upset Disapointed Felt very sorry Apalogized was thinking alot after Ref said I touched the net We were down and loosing a game and every one lost hope except for me. I substituted in and starting scoring in bunches. The score went from 19 to our 11. To 21- 21 Tie Game. The Libero always substitutes me out when I rotate to the Back. But this time My Coach left me into Serve as well since I scared 8 points by myself and brought us back. I ended up serving perfect as well and we won the game 25 23 and beat the team and moved up in the tournament. I still rmemeber how all my teammates ran up to me and my Captain congradulated me and told me "You won that game for us!". Worst Moment :( Spiking! Embarresed Wanted to hide Scoring! from serving Our First game of the season. It was a preseason game but we took it very siriosly. It was my first organized Volleyball game I played in my life and was very nervous. And we were tied 24 up and games 25. Our coach called the time out and she told us to play hard and win. Then we get back on the court and we serve the ball, they go for a spike and I try to block the spiker who was 6'7. The ball tipped net and I blocked it back. But the referee blew the whistle and said I touched the net and awarded them the point and we lost. I felt so sad becuase I know I didnt touch it and it was the spike that tipped and made the net move.We would of won and I would of had a great game and day, but the eact opposite happened Best Moment ;) and I'm in the middle!
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