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Viral Marketing Catalyst

Patent Pending Internet Marketing Process

James Hurst

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Viral Marketing Catalyst

The Problem:

Everyone wants their stuff to go viral, but no nobody gives their customers the proper
incentives to actual help make something go viral. These are the way people share things on the Internet What we do is give someone an instant discount on their e-commerce transaction
in exchange for the customer sharing the details of that transaction with their Facebook Friends
or Twitter Followers. Checking out on PayPal right now looks like this: With our product it will look like this Each Time they click the price will change accordingly.
For the end user its an instant discount, for our clients its viral marketing. On Twitter it may look like this: In Conclusion it is very easy to code, we are almost done with the coding on it.
We have had multiple patent attorneys tell us that the idea is patentable and that to
the best of their knowledge no one has done it yet. Welcome We need to create better barriers to entry than just the patent.
We can license the technology to other e-commerce platforms
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