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Are you a bully?

Stand up to bullying(:

Latai Niu

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Are you a bully?

Bullying "Are you a bully?" Purpose Bully? Bullying Facts Did you know: Bullying Perfect-AhmiR boys bully more than girls!
Girls target weaknesses in others.
Every seven minutes, a child on an elementary playground is bullied.
They do not want to worry their parents. They love their parents and want to protect them from worry and anxiety. Who: anyone
what: typically to force someone to do what one self wants
when: anytime
where: everywhere
why: popularity,power, pressure, out of fun CyberBullying when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or
argeted by another child using the Internet, mobile phone, or other type of digital technology. Social It's when someone teases people because of their appearance.
It can also be spreading lies, rumors,
ignoring or even rejecting someone. Physical when a person uses overt bodily acts to gain power over peers.
physical bullying can include kicking,
punching, hitting, and other physical attacks. Verbal someone uses language to gain power
over his or her peers.
-name calling
-talking behind their backs Overview and Purpose My purpose:
-help students realize what bullying is
-take action
-cause and effects STOP! Don't bully! formula: group - individual = social bullying also called abuse, and it's breaking the law!!!!!! "In Hawaii, 60% of our teenagers commit suicide because of cyberbullying." ( Hawaii Teen Suicide Prevention Center) "WHY? DO YOU DO THAT?"
-AhmiR Alex Harrison 1. Name the 4 types of bullying?
2. Girls bully more than guys. (True or Flase)
3. Give a example from verbal bullying.
4.What is the famous line from the music video given by AhmiR?
5. What is my favorite color? Were you listening? name: Latai Ofakitonga Tai Leka Niutupuivaha
birthday: april 4th 1994
silblings: 2 braddahs and a baby sister
Cultures: Tongan,Samoan, Hawaiian and Fijian
grade: 12th (Senior)
Colors: GREENN!!!!!
and i am a Peer Educator! Mee! MEE!! meeeeeeee(:
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