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Maths Performance Task (:

Maths PT 2011

Louise Lee

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of Maths Performance Task (:

To find the optimal layout of the maximum number
of stalls for the funfair cum bazaar @ the Courtyard Maths Performance Task
-Victoria Lim (9)
-Louise Lee (11)
-Michelle Anggana (13)
-Priyanshi (24)
-Yoke Say (33) Challenges and possible solutions~
-Best strategic arrangement for us to place the stalls.
Solution: Think of a creative plan/ come up with a theme

-Minimum length and width of stalls
Solution: Estimate using the length of two people

-Is there space for many people to walk through?
Solution: Decide on a walkway not too big, so that there would be more stalls and not too small, so there would be space for many people to walk through.

We are assuming that the stall is 1.4m by 1m long and 72cm high. The walk way is assumed to be 3m wide. Plan: Layout of courtyard (Almost drawn to scale): MATHS PERFORMANCE TASK Thank you! (: Learning Points~ This project could not been accomplished if not for the following people and resources:

Group Members consisting of: (9) Victoria Lim-
(11) Louise Lee
(13) Michelle Anggana
(24) Priyanshi
(33) Yoke Say

Pictures from Google Images
Tools from Prezi :) Needless to say, we learnt alot from this performance task. One of the most important thing we have learnt is to be decisive. As we had to make many assumptions for this task, it would be impossible to complete it without assuming. Thus we had to stop being indicisive and choose on the best assumption that would fit. Our starting
At the start, we need to figure out many things.
1.The number of stalls we want in the courtyard
2.The size of each stall
3.The width of the pathway
4.What type of stalls are placed in the courtyard
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