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Boot Camp Session I


tim hasse

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Boot Camp Session I

Boot Camp Session 1
Tim E. Hasse
Shem Daugherty
Benefits of Web-Enhancement
24-7 Access for students,
parents, and teachers
Address all learning styles
Much better discussion forum
Engaging and motivating
Maximize technology tools
Use class time for practice
real time feedback on course assignments
and assessments
Education available in times
of crisis like H1N1
What does the future hold?
Northland has the responsibility
to train students for the 21st century
Colleges report 27% growth
47% of students use E-learning
Many universities are addressing
space problems with E-Learing
Business world uses online environments
for training and communication
1st most sought after skill
is problem solving
2nd most sought after skill
ability to work with others
It's becoming harder and harder
for districts to stay economically solvent
20% across the board expected
rise in use of digital tech by 2010
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a technology that allows
multiple authors to share
Content management systems organize
content and allow for the use of Web 2.0
Learning managment systems organize E-Learning
and provide a place for education to happen with Web 2.0
Web 2.0 includes blogs
Web 2.0 includes wikis
Web 2.0 includes Google Docs
Web 2.0 includes Voicethread
Web 2.0 includes Slideshare
Web 2.0 includes Twitter
Web 2.0 includes MySpace
Web 2.0 allows us to network socially and collaborate--two skills essential to E-Learning environments
This technology is also used by
business and government
Web 2.0 offers a new and interactive way
to commingle that didn't exist with Web 1.0
What can we do on this stuff?
We can create and post videos
We can create and post
images creatively
We can discuss class material
any time any place
We can keep up with our classes
when we are sick or gone
We can access the Internet resources
and get the most current information
Our parents can check
up on us and help us
We can collaborate without having to travel
We can put slideshows out
there for the world to see
We can get almost immediate feedback from peers, teachers, and administrators
We can learn, investigate, and take in
information without using valuable classtime
We can take away almost all limitations to our educations
except for our own imaginations and personal safety
So What's this gonna cost us?
If we're smart
with our money
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