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Analyzing "The Dream Catcher"

No description

Yan Khoo

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Analyzing "The Dream Catcher"

A theme is a subject of a discussion or topic. In this case, it is what the book is based on.
Food Science Lab
Classrooms & Neophyte Dormitory
The Dream Catcher
Monica Hughes
Yan & Nandini

What is a Theme?
*"The Dream Catcher" makes the audience think, "What if...?
"Healing of the Arks" Map
The Computer
Ark 3
Ark One
Campsite of Runaway Slaves
Landslide site
Rope Bridge
Mountain Range

There are many crucial parts included in a book. Each having a different role, whether it's enhancing the story (drawing the reader's attention), or just because it wouldn't make sense without it. (Setting, characters etc.) We will be talking about one of these in the first part of this presentation: theme.
What would life be like? How would the human race survive?
What if the "End of Oil" really occurred?
What if you lived in the Age of Confusion?
*Mrs. Moore's words :)
Our way of life would be over. No electricity, no cars, no power. We might as well go back to the horse and carriage method.
This science fiction novel takes place in the future, and it suggests an idea or possibility of an answer to these questions.
That leaves this: What is the theme(s) of "The Dream Catcher"?
One of the themes of "The Dream Catcher" is a theory of future life of if oil really ended.
Because that is the theme, we are faced with 'what if' questions, placing ourselves in the shoes of the characters in her novel.
Monica Hughes demonstrates this by describing "Esper powers" held by people within Ark Three, such as healing, telepathy, and telekinesis, as well as the Web: the network of interacting people using Esper powers. This was the result of her theory, the adaption people made after the End of Oil.
This theme suits "The Dream Catcher" because of it's method of describing the features in the novel.
The incredible quantity of detail shows how hard life is without oil, and what problems could result when human try to adapt, such as the thirst for knowledge and selfishness for being superior to discrimination and slavery.
This book applies to life outside the book by comparing life with and without oil. It's warning us to conserve our oil, since it is a non-renewable resource, and one of the most important to us.
And it's not just oil! We should cherish all of our resources, and do our best to preserve the environment and the world. We cannot always take things for granted.
Another interpretation of the theme could be a girl becoming confident.
Ruth didn't have a sense of belonging in the web, because she couldn't perform her Esper powers like the rest. The environment she lived in was demanding to Ruth, and on top of that, discrimination from her peers adds pressure. This may be a reason to why Ruth lacks self-confidence.
Even after Ruth eventually discovers her own Esper power, she still didn't have faith in herself until the end.
Ruth's thoughts and reflection upon herself is an example of why this could be interpreted as a theme.
So, do you like Ruth as a main character?
Maybe you feel like she deserves better, and you understand how she feels. Or maybe, you think she complains too much?
This is because we can relate in a way. Depending on our personalities, experiences and the time that they occurred, our reactions will differ.
As we read, we compare ourselves to Ruth. Would I have made the same decisions?
This theme mean to us to be confident in yourself and your powers, even if your power isn't healing, telepathy, telekinesis, super strength---you get the idea.
For the next part of this presentation,
we rewrote the ending of
"The Dream Catcher", starting from
the beginning of Chapter 12. We hope you like it!
Her bony finger tips ran along the cold, concrete ground. It was smooth like glass, until she reached a sudden jagged point.
"Ow!" Ruth whimpered, forcing her eyes open, and found herself staring at the ceiling. In confusion, she sat up. Trying to recollect memories and reach out to Luke or the Initiator, she rubbed the wound on her thumb. As she felt around her she came across metal. Cylinder-like, metal. Prison bars? Ruth was speechless. What in the world happened?
"You're awake," Ruth whirled around to find a chubby, bald man behind her.
"What happened? Why are we here? Where is Luke?" Ruth questioned Tomi. repeatedly.
"Your plan had had failed, to use your telekinesis to fix the computer," said the chubby bald man "After your plan failed, the computer sent out a signal to the guards' infopaks to come and seize us. You were first to be knocked out, so I assume you don't remember. We know now we must destroy the computer to free the civilians of Ark One." She nodded slowly in disappointment.
"But what must we do now stuck in this jail cell?" Ruth thought aloud.
Chapter 12: The Comeback
"Well, I was thinking when the guards change shifts, we knock them out and steal their clothes." Tomi eagerly suggested.
"Even if i did agree with that plan, which I don't, how would get out of this cell to knock them out?" Ruth sighed. Tomi nodded, though discouraged his idea wouldn't work.
"Then what else.." Ruth started but the guards busted in.
"Time for your meal, wimps." the guards mocked. Tomi took one look at the plate and scrunched his pudgy face, raising his eyebrow.
"That's not even enough to feed a mouse. There's only three Lima beans and a tin of water the size of my palm! What do those infopaks program you to do?" Tomi muttered.

"I think I know how to destroy the computer," who had the corners of her lips by her ears. "But first, we need the rest. Especially Luke." Trying to catch up to her, Tomi wheezed, making his greatest effort to keep up. They scrambled down the hall and skittered around the left corner.
"Uh, okay, but what do we do about
?" Tomi coughed and snapped his head around as if he was an owl. A division of soldiers were right behind them. As they shot aimlessly, the bullets plunged into a nearby pillar which collapsed, blocking the path of the soldiers. Ruth shot another beam to Tomi, who gave a brief sigh of relief. They turned another right.
"Up ahead is the storage room where your friends are kept hostage. I sent a signal to the guard's infopaks when we were in my library to go to Level One," Tomi gasped after climbing a flight of stairs.
"Well, what are we waiting for, lets open the door," Ruth said.
" Well, aren't you the one programing them?" the guards exchanged glances and smirked. Tomi, outraged by the guards, managed to squeeze his portly arm through the bars and grabbed the collar of one of the guards. They pointed their guns in surprise and fired at Tomi. Ruth panicked. She felt a rush of shock, which melted and dissolved into anger. The bullets swerved and dived into the cores of the bars, as if a magnetic force made them collide. The metal cracked and loosened. Tomi released his hold and attacked the columns. With an ear-piercing crash, Ruth and him darted past them.
Inside the storage room, Luke was pacing back and forth pondering if they will ever be free. His first attempt to fix the computer with Ruth didn't go as planned and he wound up back in the dingy and dark storage room.
Luke was about to drop to his knees pleading for an escape when Ruth and Tomi busted the door open, motioning for everyone to get out. Everyone, astonished but relieved, quickly scurried out of the room. After summarizing what had happened, she filled them in on the new plan.
The time had come to initiate the plan. The others went to pass the secret message that there will not be any sleeping pills in their food, so when the computer was destroyed they could all escape.
At the same time, Ruth sneaked her way to the computer. The moment she stepped into the room, her jaw dropped to the ground, gaping in amazement. It was ancient.The computer was a colossal, metal structure, and attached on the sides were streams of wires and thick, glossy tubes. Mountains of dust weaved in between the wide cracks of the screen, and Ruth could hear the waves of the soft, low vibration emitted from it. But no time to waste, Ruth thought. She glanced around at the sensor beams scanning the room. Ruth took a deep breath, and...plunged into the rays of red lights. Beep! Beep! Beep! She waited anxiously. Suddenly, an army of soldiers stampeded their way in.
"Save the computer, FIRE!" One roared. A solider suddenly lunged at her. Bracing herself, she backed away. He looked at her, confused. Taking off his mask, Luke smirked.
"Stay confident," he whipped around and added, "sorry for earlier." Ruth smiled.
The deafening sound of gunfire boomed. In a split second, the storm of bullets whooshed past Ruth and Luke. There was an ear splitting cry, then an explosion with such a strong force that it pushed everyone away a meter within the room. Ruth awoke on the floor next to Luke, finding the computer in smithereens and the guards' infopaks fried. They did it. They had saved Ark One.

Black Hole and Offices
"Are you sure?" Angela demanded.
"Very. Go! You are going to be a wonderful teacher." Ruth insisted.
"I'm so going to miss you, Ruth!" Charity sobbed. Ruth smiled shyly and waved them goodbye. Just when she was about to walk out the door, Ruth added,
"Thanks for giving me a second chance," said Ruth. Angela turned and grinned.
"Thanks for giving
another chance, replied Angela. Soon after they left, Ruth and Luke returned inside to help make repairs.
"Oh, look, Luke!" Ruth gasped as they walked. "A honeybee!"

"What if this plan doesn't work like your last one? Need I to remind you it turned into a chaotic catastrophe?" growled Luke. Everybody else stared in disbelief. Ruth, completely bewildered, froze. He glanced around.
"What?!" He demanded.
"I'd never thought he would say something like that," Charity choked. Murmur rippled across the hall.
"Quiet!" An alarming and blustering voice came from the back. Angela made her way through the crowd.
"Quit blaming Ruth! How was she supposed to know infiltrating the computer is impossible without destroying it? Besides, what other choice do we have? It's either go back to that cramped room or we at least
to escape," exclaimed Angela, her voice descending to a whisper. Luke knew better than to have a pointless argument, and rolled his eyes, grunting.
"...and I'd never thought
would say something like that..." said Charity, surprised. Faith giggled in agreement. Ruth turned to Angela.
"...um...thanks," Ruth said awkwardly. Angela flashed her usual, arrogant smirk.
Thanks for watching~!
Storage Rooms
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