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Different Packaging.

Alicia Toland Mary Williams Period: 1

Alicia Toland

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Different Packaging.

Different Packaging Idea. People everyday in America drink water, most in plastic water bottle containers. But they probably dont know how bad the plastic containers are for the enviroment, we have a better solution. Instead of using Plastic water bottles, you can use reusable metal cantines. Each person should have there own, so they dont have to waste plastic water bottles that will most likely end up on a land fill. It takes about 500 years
for plastic bottles to
disinergrate. If each person kept there own cantine, and refilled them instead of wasting bottles we would have less land pollution. Its important to change the
enviroment, because years from now
it will get worse if we dont try to fix it, also
for our health.
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