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School Life in España

No description

Josh Barocio

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of School Life in España

School Life in España
How long will you be learning in Spain
- From age Age 6-16 usually
- If you continue you'll be preparing yourself for college/university courses.
School Campus
Slang Terms
- Tener mal/buen rollo
To have a bad/good vibe from someone

Joshua Barocio S1
- Only 20% of students eat lunch at school.
- Most usually eat at a later time or bring a packed lunch from home.
- In many State Public schools you'll most likely have to wear uniforms.
- Ser la Leche
Literal Term- To be the the milk
Slang- To be amazing

- Estar como una cabra
Literal Term- To be as crazy as a goat
Slang Term- Your really crazy
- Pijo
A snob

- Chorrada
"A bunch of crap"
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