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history class presentation

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Isobel Rose

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of history class presentation

Women In The Victorian Era
Hair and Makeup

Background Info
Clothing- corsets, dresses and the consequences
Hair and Make up- make up, hair (shaving and wigs) and what they did to the women

compressed their lungs, stomach and womb
dystrophy of back muscles
Problems and Changes
Wigs became popular after Louis XIV and Charles II started wearing them
Men and women shaved their heads to wear the wigs
solved problem of lice in peoples' hair- stayed in wigs instead
belladonna clouded vision
eyes became swollen and inflamed
attacked enamel on teeth
caused skin to blacken
heavy use could cause death

Health Problems

Thought to be a medical necessity
Started wearing them from the age of three or four
deformed internal organs
reports of 14- 18 in waists, but measurements of the corsets were from 20-22 in
Layer one- Basics
Layer two- Form and functionality
Layer three- Practicality
Layer four- The dress
Layer five- Accessories
Process of Dressing
make up
hid freckles with rice powder and white lead powder
belladonna was dropped into eyes
eye shadow contained lead, mercury, cinnabar and vermilion
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