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Are the rewards for bold actions worth the risks?

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Luis Sanchez

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Are the rewards for bold actions worth the risks?

Are the rewards
of being bold worth the risks?

In the story
Women in Aviation
, Bessie Coleman took risks to achieve her goals , and she refused to accept the limitations placed on her and she achieved her "wings".
In the story
Rogue Wave
, Scoot's bold actions helped her escape from a cabin of a submerged boat.
In the story
Animal Farm,
a group of mistreated farm animals rally together to rebel against their dictator-like master and gain their independence.
In July 4, 1776 the American colonies severed their political connections with Great Britain. Thus, the Declaration of Independence. (What would life be like today if the colonists wouldn't of taken that bold action.)
The Flight of Icarus
Daedalus's goal is to escape the island and he achieved it with bold actions. (Though his son died)
In 2007, Eli Manning of the New York Giants threw a deep pass to receiver David Tyree, who caught the pass from two defenders. That throw and catch set the Giants up for a game winning touchdown.
My Opinion
The Opposing Opinion
The opposing view on the topic is that the rewards of bold actions are NOT worth the risks because the risks outweigh the rewards. I disagree with this because I believe being bold will always involve risks, but I don't believe that the risks outweigh the rewards.

My Reasoning
My two reasons why the rewards for being bold are worth the risks are, you can't achieve your goals in life without taking some risks. Secondly, the bigger the risks, the greater the reward, so for that reason your bold actions could land you a bigger reward.
In Conclusion
In conclusion I disagree with the opinion that the risks of being bold outweigh the reward. People take risks everyday in order to achieve their goals. Although not everyone is bold, everyone has the potential to be. The original 13 American Colonies were bold enough to defy Great Britain and the reward was obviously great. Without some bold actions life as we know it today just wouldn't be the same. In order to achieve greatness you must take chances, BE BOLD. You can be bold but don't be afraid of the risks!
In my opinion the rewards for being bold are worth the risks. Whether it's diving to the end zone to score the winning touchdown or doing something different to stand out from the crowd. Being bold is not something everyone can do. A great author once said, "Freedom lies in being bold." That quote is from author Robert Frost and is something everyone should agree with.

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