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Business Environment

FYBMS presentation of Mulund college

saurabh koli

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Business Environment

Business Environment
in India Group no. Ganesh Borade Shweta Darge Rahul Gowli Saurabh Koli Priyanka Naik . Business Environment in India (Post Independence Era) Early Economic Reforms of Nehru The Ideology guiding
Nehru's Economic Policies Nehru's Industrial Policies Nehru's Industrial Policies Nehru and Foreign Investment: The State Control
in Nehru's
Economic Policies Nehru's Views on Rural Economy Economic Environment
Pre-Reform Period
(1947-1980) 7105 7115 7125 7145 7165 7155 Protectionism Commercial policy Import Substitution Foreign Exchange Regulation Licensing Policy small scale Encouragement to Financial Infrastructure Nationalisation of Banks Role of public sector Central Planning Bibliography Dr.Khuspat Jain's , Business Environment from, Himalaya Publishing House PVT.LTD Second Edition:February,2009 Webliography Group member's OBJECTIVE-
to provide finance to the industrial units. Morarji Desai Bank Nationalisation Act 1969 Economic Thoughts of Nehru
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