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What is Art?

What is art? That is the question!

Jamie Catliff

on 18 November 2011

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Transcript of What is Art?

What is Art?
Art is...
Art can be everyday items,
Like spoons, knives
and forks!
Art is all around us!
Art is creations such
as paintings, sculptures
and designs!
Many artists such as
Van Gogh have mastered the
Art can be...
Are these pieces of art?
What about these?
Why did you answer the way you did? What do you think is art?
Art is different for all of us!
Art can be sad.
Art is awesome...
Art can be small...
Where do we experience art?
How do we experience
art differently from everyone else?
Art can be seen...
or heard...
or smelt...
or felt...
because it gives us joyous moments in our life.
Art is at school...
How did art change the world?
Lets watch...
On the street...
or at home!
or at home!
Art is away of expressing emotions with materials, thoughts and creativity.
Art has influenced the very course of mankind since the first day of it, 40,000 years ago. Art connects all of the human beings on this planet with its beauty and powerful nature. When people are sad, Art uplifts them. When you watch an inspiring movie, read an inspiring book or see an inspiring painting and you feel like you could do anything in the world, that is art playing a part in our lives.
Art is the worlds language,
L'art est la langue du monde,
Die Kunst ist die Weltsprache,
El arte es el lenguaje del mundo,
L'arte è il linguaggio del mondo,
L'art és el llenguatge del món,
Tá Ealaín an domhain teanga,
Kunst er verdens sprog,
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