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No description

Jamie Cachuela

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Blackfish

Sea World has a vast array of
and cannot possibly satisfy them all, picking and choosing which to satisfy is an extremely challenging decision.
The film Blackfish has had an impact on the public's view of Sea World and has prompted many would-be visitors to Sea World to reconsider their visit.

Importance of
crisis management
and the repercussions of failing to properly react to crises
You can never underestimate the power of the media

Background photo by t.shigesa
Stakeholder Theory
Crisis Management
By: Jamie Cachuela & Matt Hatley
ETLW 302: Ceranic
Tilikum & Dawn Brancheau
The movie Blackfish has brought increased scrutiny on Sea World for their treatment of Orcas, and the general safety of their trainers.

Was there fault on the part of Sea World by not properly alerting their staff to the dangers of working with Tilikum who had been involved in two prior deaths?
What Did Sea World Do Wrong?
Sea World failed multiple stakeholders:

(Were they adequately protected?)
(Witnesses were scarred)
(Is the capture and use of killer whales for entertainment ethical/humane?)

"If you go into the water with Tili you would come out as a corpse." - Linda Simons (Former Sea World Head of Safety, now WhistleBlower)
Does it Matter?
Sea World's
profits shrunk
the year of Dawn's death (But only from $1.4 billion to $1.2)
OSHA has
fined Sea World
for multiple infractions (But the fines range from 38,000-75,000)
After a year off,
Tilikum began performing again
and is still today.
Sea World has spent millions of dollars to
fight OSHA
restrictions which would prohibit trainers from being dangerously close to orcas.

Yes? Kind of!
Who is doing it Right?
don't just like working for the company, they love it: the past two years, Google has been named the Best Company to Work For by Fortune magazine" - www.vault.com
Free massages
Free Beer and Wine every Friday
Every year Google Giving
$100,000,000 in Grants
50,000 hours of time
$1 billion in products
At first, SeaWorld remained silent except for one brief announcement early on
Pre-emptive PR Strike
SeaWorld sends out a detailed critique of the movie
"Dear Film Critic Letter"
SeaWorld issues a statement to CNN
Killer Whale Treadmill, quick rising pool floors, and "spare air systems"
How Well Did SeaWorld Do?
What they did wrong:
Slow to respond
Minimized the seriousness of the problem
Lack of communication
Lack of top executive involvement
Placed consumers first
Acted quickly
Recalled 31 million bottles
CEO involvement
Internal communication team
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