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Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life

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Lilian May Ando

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life

Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life
Source: PASCAL, M. (2007). Say It Better in English Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life. Language Success Press, Unites States of America.
keep going
Mr. Jones

NOT Mr. Bill
drop by
visit for a short time
Can I put you on hold?
Please wait.
(phone call)
running short of time
getting close to a deadline
A: Can I stop running?
B: No,
keep going
. You need the exercise.
A: I'm Bill Jones.
B: Nice to meet you
Mr. Jones
A: You can call me by my first name.
B: Alright. Hello, Bill.
You left your book in my car. I'll
drop by
your house and give it to you.
A: Can I talk to the manager?
Can I put you on hold
for a minute? I'll see if he's here.
I have to work late tonight. I need to finish a project, and
I'm running out of time.
get a move on
go faster
How can I help you?
it's for
the caller want to speak to you
an hour
one hour after now
NOT an hour later, NOT after an hour
ahead of/on/behind schedule
We have to
get a move on
if we want to finish by Wednesday.
This is often used when answering the phone in a workplace
IMG computers. This is Lilian speaking.
How can I help you?
A: The phone is ringing.
B: I'll get it. I think
it's for
She hasn't arrived yet. She'll be here
an hour.
faster than planned/as planned/slower than planned
Please drive faster. We are
A: How's the project coming along?
B: Fine. Everything's
on schedule
tied up
busy doing something that you can't stop
When is a good time?
held up
out of the way
upside down/right side up
A: Can we meet today?
B: Sorry, I'll be
tied up
all day. How about tomorrow?
When is a convenient time for you?
I have some papers for you to sign.
When is a good time
to drop by your office?
I was
help up
at the airport for two hours! Customs officials went through my bags.
move something so that it doesn't block you
We're having a party, so I want to
the furniture
out of the way.
with the top part at the bottom/with the top part at the top.
Look! That picture is
upside down
. You hung it the wrong way.
There's a cake in the box. Please make sure the box is
right side up
stuck in traffic
it slipped my mind
under a lot of pressure
on me
Say this if you want to pay for someone's food or drink.
A: Let's split the check.
B: No, the drinks are
on me
in a traffic jam
Sorry I'm late. I was
stuck in traffic
for an hour.
I forgot.
A: Did you mail my letter?
B: Oh,
it slipped my mind
. I'll do it tomorrow.
feeling stress
We are
under a lot of pressure
because we have to finish this job by Friday.
take something to a place and leave it there
I'm going to the dry cleaners. I want to
drop off
some shirts.
Have you
done something
get through
put up with
it's not the end of the world
in the same boat
Ask this to find out if something has already happened.
Have you
eaten lunch
B: Yes, I had lunch an hour ago.
make contact with someone by phone
A: I tried to call you, but I couldn't
get through
B: Sorry I turned off my cellular phone.
accept something bad
Your neighbor's dog is so noisy! How can you
put up with
the noise?
the situation is not very bad
I hurt my knee, but
it's not the end of the world
. I can still play golf.
in the same situation
A: My husband is often away on business.
B: So is mine! We're
on the same boat.
get cut off
A: Hello?
B: Hi. This is John again. We
got cut off
just now, so I'm calling you back.
the second to last
A: Which is your house?
B: The
second to last
house on the street.
comes in
This phone
comes in
blue, white or black. Which one should I buy?
I'd like
I'd like
a ticket to Manila, please.
B: One way or a round-trip ticket?
make up
He's finally
made up
. He's going to study business.
discuss something
Don't be angry. Can we
discuss the problem
stay up
A: Why are you so tired today?
B: I
stayed up
late last night
A: Tom, where are you? You're late!
B: I'm
on my way
get sidetracked
A: You burned dinner.
B: Yes. While I was cooking, my mom called and I
got sidetracked
gone for the day
A: Could I speak to Mr. Wayne?
B: Sorry, he's
gone for the day
. He will be in the office tomorrow morning.
lose connection during a telephone call
the thing before the last thing
is available in
this is a polite way to say what you want
NOT I want
talk about something
NOT discuss about something
stay awake later than one's usual bedtime
going to a place - but not at the place yet
become distracted from something important
Say this when someone will not come back that day.
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