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on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of J

The other Javier Perez was born in October 18,2000 in America.He is a boy.Plays sports,video games,and has gone through a lot of things.He has 7 brothers and 4 sisters .We met each other at Arlington Elementary Middle School.

The other Jabrael Harris was born on May 18, 2002. He is an 11 year old Hispanic male and was born in Honduras. He likes to play video games, he has only 2 other siblings..
The other Javier Perez wants to accomplish some goals,he wants to be an engineer and get the best of his education.

The other Jabrael Harris would also like to accomplish some goals in his life he wants to work at Game Stop and he also wants to be and engineer.

J&J Prezi
The other Javier Perez lived in Philadelphia,for 2 years.He came to Baltimore because it was time to leave and see the family.He has been in this school[Arlington Elementary Middle School]since he was 2 years old.He just turned 13 an he is in the 7th grade.I think this person is important because everyone is important in some way.

The other Jabrael Harris was born in Honduras and came to Baltimore when he was 1 years old, the reason why he came here is because it was time to see his family, the other Jabrael Harris says he loves to be around his family.

The other Jabrael Harris came to Baltimore when he was one years old, he came because it was time to see his family he came here from Honduras he says that it was a long way from his country just to get here.

The other Javier Perez's concept of the the American Dream is every American wants to be the best the best they can be and be the best at what they can do and show the world that they are an American.

The other Jabrael Harris concept of the American dream is that he wants to accomplish all of his goals.
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