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Elisha Otis

The Life and Accomplishments of Elisha Otis

Patrick Cines

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of Elisha Otis

The Life and Accomplishments of Elisha Otis Born on August 3, 1811 in Halifax, Vermont
Died April 8, 1861 in Yonkers, New York
Lived a relatively short life

Accomplishments: Credited as the father of the Modern Elevator
Allowed larger buildings and skyscrapers to be built.
Built a company that still exists today. by Patrick Cines Otis designed a rack on each side of the elevator that would only stop the elevator in case the rope was cut.
This would only allow the elevator to fall only a few inches before stopping.
The Facts: His Life: At 19 Otis moved to Troy, NY to work at a construction site. Poor health made him change jobs. Throughout his life he went back and forth between jobs. Eventually, Otis started his own machine shop in Yonkers, NY Citicorp Building, NYC Stratosphere Tower, Las Vagas CN Tower, Toronto
Eiffel Tower, Paris Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas Chrysler Building, NYC Burj Khalifa, Dubai
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