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Recreation & Attractions

Chapter 10

Carolyn Elbert

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Recreation & Attractions

Some theme parks and attractions have:
One Single Theme
Example: Sea World
Multiple Themes
Example: Kings Island, Cincinnati Ohio
Obstacle 1
Walt Disney
Six Flags
Historic Places & Sites
**Most Formidable Competition for Disney**
Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore & Japan

Key elements of success:
Ability to adapt movies into thrill rides
Involve guests in the experience

Viewed as the future of amusement parks
Heritage Tourism
& Attractions

Chapter 10
Size and Scope
Visiting theme parks is a popular tourist activity
Universal Studios
"Largest Regional Theme Park"
Major Global Theme Park Players:
Universal Studios
Sea World Parks and Entertainment
Sea World Parks & Entertainment
Blackstone Group
Includes: Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Water Country USA, Sea World, Aquatica, Sesame Place, Discovery Cove

Sea World provides:
A first hand experience with marine & land animals
Educational programs

Operates Parks in nearly each of the 50 major metropolitan areas in the United States
Fascination with the past & diverse cultures
Art, Science, Technology, Natural History and Military
Recreation, Leisure & Wellness
Increased stress..leads to burnout
work-life balance
"I want to be happy; therefore, I will recreate"
Life..Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness
Activities are EXTREMELY Varied
Cultural:museums, arts, music, theater
Active: outdoor recreation, sports (team or individual)
Passive: reading, watching television, gaming
National Park Service
Conserve land for the enjoyment of future generations
Understanding & Preserving
Over 80 million acres of land
Annual visitation to the national park system 300 million
Do you have a favorite national park?
Or one that you want to visit?
Parks & Rec
Municipal Parks...City/Public Parks
Typically owned and operated by local government
Golf Courses, Swimming Pools, Picnic Areas, Winter Sports, Playgrounds, Game Fields
Came of age in the 1920's and 1930's
1st Theme Park in the United States
Knott's Berry Farm
Truly a great influence on the American theme park industry
Started as a small berry farm & tea room

A Man with a Vision
First Park: Disneyland
Location: Anaheim, California
"A family park where parents and children could have fun together"
Walt Disney World
Location: Lake Buena Vista (Orlando) Florida
Magic Kingdom:
Heart of Walt Disney World

Future & World Showcase
Hollywood Studios:
Movie Attractions
Opened as a leisure park for employees of the Hershey's company
Original park: Picnic, Canoe, Walking Paths
Current park: more than sixty rides and attractions
Regional Theme Parks
Animal Attractions
*not main reason people visit a state or city, but they attract millions of visitors every year
Zoos & Aquariums
Interactive and Educational Programs
Programs to promote survival of endangered animals
Lincoln Park Zoo, Summer 2014
National Register of Historic Places
Official list of districts, sites, buildings, structure & objects worthy of preservation
Types of Museums:
Field Museum
Mission Point Lighthouse
Michigan, Spring 2014
What is the goal of the Smithsonian Institution?
Similar to managing other hospitality/business operations

Managerial Process:
Decision Making
Parks & Recreation
Private Clubs.......
There are a few thousand private clubs in North America
County and City Clubs
Total resources considered:
clubs have billions of dollars of economic impact
To learn more about private clubs visit the CMAA Website
Take HspM/EVENT 289
Universal Studios vs. Disney
Do they have the same target market?
Animal Kingdom:
Exotic Animals & Adventure
dedicated to preserving marine life
park revenue is used for research & rescue activities
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