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No description

Andy Andy

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Minecraft

Win the Game
How to play
The End


health point

attack strength
zombie 10 1-4.5
skeleton 10 1-3
creeper 10 24.5
spider 8 1-1.5
enderman 20 2-5

nether mob

health point

attack strength
ghast 5 8.5
blase 10 1.5-4.5
wither skeleton 10 2-5
zombie pigman 10 2.5-7.3
Kill the boss
sword-wood + 2 damage
sword-stone + 2.5 damage
sword-iron + 3 damage
sword-gold +2.5 damage
sword-diamond +3.5 damage
bow +2~3 damage

The player must collect up to 12 ender pearls and craft them into eyes of ender. Blaze powder is required to craft them.
An activated End Portal allows the player to enter the End immediately, appearing on top of a five by five Obsidian platform in the End. Note that different End Portals in the Overworld will all travel to the same version of the End. Anything the player builds on the five by five platform will be destroyed if the player re-enters the zone.

And Get The Achievement:The End?
Get the Dragon Egg
And Jump Into The Portal
Kill the Ender Dragon
===== BGM =====
Song Name:New Games
I have no intentions of copyright, this song does not belong to me.
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