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No description

Joy Yang

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of SQUISHIES

Simply put, squishies are shaped collectible pieces of foam, in different colors and characters!
Different Squishy Brands
Just like with clothing, squishies have brand names too!
Where to Get Squishies?
Squishy Classes
Squishies have different "classes" Kind of like, First class, Business class, and Economy class on an airplane!
What are Squishies?
Table of Contents
What are squishies?
Squishy Classes (And Pricing)
Squishy Vocabulary
squishies and branding (and Pricing)
Where to get squishies
How to Squish
Squishies and Social Media
2 Main Classes Of Squishies
Common Squishies
Cheap, common
Better quality, still common
Rare Squishies
Authentic/ Licensed Squishies
Super Rare Squishies (Actually RARE)
Common Squishies
Super Common:
Better quality but still Common:
Rare Squishies
Just Authentic/ Licensed/Branded:
Actually RARE:
Sanrio is a company that designs and produces kawaii items squishies included!
iBloom is a company that designs and produces squishies.
PRice Range: $8-$30
Price Range: $10-$25
Puni Maru
Puni maru is similar to iBloom, it is a company that designs and produces squishies
Price Range:$14-$20
Cafe De N
Cafe De N is a company that produces squishies, that are usually in the form of desserts.
Price Range: $8-$50
I will suggest some good and trustworthy places you can buy squishies!
In Person Stores
In person stores are will not scam you, but the squishies are overpriced.
Kawaii store at metro
There are many trustworthy websites online that sells squishies! Here are a few i recommend!
How To Squish
People will be mad at you if you don't squish squishies the right way!
Step 1:
Hold squishy in your palm and have your thumb or 4 other fingers hover above it.
Step 2:
Use you thumb/ 4 fingers to press into the squishy as hard as you can for a second or so.
Step 3:
Pull your thumb/ 4 fingers away from the squishy as soon as possible and watch it rise. Then repeat the process!
Squishing Do's and Don'ts
respect the squishy
Be careful
use the squishy to relieve stress
eat the squishy
pick at the squishy
have your thumb rise with the squishy
harass the squishy
squish a rare squishy TOO much
bring a very rare squishy to school
Squishy Vocabulary
There are alot of words that squishy collectors use in order to describe squishies!
In the squishy world, this means a squishy that has rips/ cracks on it, or the inside part of the squishy is showing.
Squishies that take a while to rise and return to its original form after being squished.
A word to describe a squishy that is hard, or not slow rising.
A japanese word meaning "cute". THis word is often used to describe squishies.
Squishies And Social Media
Squishies are very popular, and has its own community on social media!
The Kawaii Community
The kawaii community is the online community in which squishies are a part of. THe kawaii community is filled with people that loves cute and kawaii things!
Squishies and YouTube
There are many channels on YouTube dedicated to talking/ showing squishies in their videos. The one channel that mainly focuses on squishies that is most popular right now has 122K subscribers!
Squishies and Instagram
Many accounts on instagram are dedicated to posting about squishies. Some accounts also use this as an opportunity to sell squishies!
Scammer alert!
Since the kawaii community is online, it makes it a lot easier to scam people! There's many accounts on instagram and YouTube that sells squishies, but some will collect your money and never ship out your package!
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