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Do's and Don'ts when Dressing Professionaly

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Lilian Garcia

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Do's and Don'ts when Dressing Professionaly

Do's and Don'ts when Dressing Professionaly
Male Don'ts
Female Don'ts
Male Professional Wear
More Female Do's
Female Professional Wear
Shoulders must be covered with a jacket or a cardigan
No cleavage
Skirts should by down to your knees or an 1"-2" below you middle finger.
Heels shouldn't be higher then 2"-3". Flats are great!
No sandals, closed toed shoes
No crop tops or see through blouses.
Use tights
No heavy makeup
Light to non on the perfume
Keep colors solid and not bright (Navy blue, Black, white, khaki/brown, grey).
All clothes should fit your body. Give yourself time to adjust pant legs or long sleeves.
Desperate times does not call for desperate measures when it comes to job hunting and interviews
If you can wear it to a club or party, it is NOT professional attire.
Too tight
Too bright
Too short
Too much make-up
Tights too bright
Dress too short
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