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Math: Stem and Leaf Plot

No description

Tristan Juansing

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Math: Stem and Leaf Plot

Question Two
12, 98, 247, 4869, 27597, 468, 19653, 2, 087, 673, 838, 8593, 1043, 79643, 7346, 43, 3, 47, 3573, 467, 245
Stem and Leaf Plot
How Do We Use It?
What is the Importance of the
"Stem and Leaf Plot"?
The stem and leaf plot is used for the organization of numbers.

Question One
What Are Stem and Leaf Plots?
Stem and Leaf plot is a device for presenting quantitative data in graphical format.
Where Did it Come from?
The stem and leaf plot evolved from Arthur Browley's work in the early 1900s.
Publication of John Tukey's Book
What is the Book about?
What Happened Next?
Let's Go One Step Further
Arthur Lyon Browley?
He was was an English statistician and economist who worked on economic statistics and pioneered the use of sampling techniques in social surveys.
Died on the 21st of January, 1957
Azriel John Ang
Tristan Paul Juansing
Nathan Andrew Gonzales
John Michel Lee
Stanley Vincent Lim
Amos Raphael Tiu

Math Presentation: Stem and Leaf Plot
The book is about Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA). EDA is an approach to analyzing data sets to summarize their main characteristics, often with visual methods.

John Tukey
He was an American mathematician best known for development of the FFT algorithm and box plot.
Died on 26th of July, 2000
In the 1980's, right after the publication of John Tukey's book, the stem and leaf plot became known worldwide
Step 1
Arrange all the numbers in ascending order
Stem and Leaf Plot
Step 2
10 11 12 20 21 22 30 31 32

Arranged In Ascending Order
11 21 12 22 30 32 31 10 20
Not Arranged in Ascending Order
Segregate each digit of a number based on their place values.
Tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. will be placed on the left side of the Plot, a.k.a. "STEM"
Step 3
use 10 as an example
The ones digit are always placed on the right side of the plot, a.k.a. "LEAF"
People tend to organize numbers to avoid any confusion. There are many ways in organizing number, one famous and easy method is the "Stem and Leaf Plot".
Quiz Game
Make a stem and leaf plot from the following items.
83, 25, 90, 36, 13, 64, 19, 09, 18, 63, 26, 64, 12
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