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John Bede Polding

His life and what remarkable things he achieved in his life

bb ss

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of John Bede Polding

First Bishop John Bede Polding Early life for John Polding The Biggest funeral Ever Because John Polding was Irish he was considered an Irish Catholic. Difficulties John Polding had along the way On the 29th of June when St Mary's Cathedral was burnt down lot's of helpful Catholics were willing to help John rebuild the Cathedral Achievements John Polding had John Bede Polding was born on the 18th of November 1794 in Liverpool, England He joined the Benedictine Community in 1811 John's father was dutch and his mother came from the Brewer family When John was 8 both his parents died and he was handed over to his Uncle In 1819 the 21st of March John Polding sung at his very first mass in Downside One of Poldings dreams was to become the bishop of botany bay John Bede Polding was known as a generous and warm hearted man At 11 John Bede was sent to St. Gregory's College in Acton Burnell, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire One of John's talents and skills was cricket John's back round was Irish The British Government thought the Irish Catholics were misgiving people Misgiving means not nice or untruthful people On the 29th of June St.Mary's Cathedral burnt into flames, John Polding was distraught by this happening In 1869 St. Mary's was burnt down again straight down to the ground In 1869 when St. Mary's was burnt down for the 2 time John still was determined to make the Cathedral spectacular with the help of other people. John wanted to build a church based on the benedictine traditions and practise's as they were a big impact in his life (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr He always gave love and support to every one in the community John Polding donated to the catholic children for there education in Australia When John Bede Polding came to Australia in 1835 he became the very first catholic bishop John had a strong belief in the indigenous people and always cared about what they said and what they believed in, he loved them very much aborigines doing a traditional dance Aborigines playing the didgeridoo After John helped construct St Mary's Cathedral he decided that it would be a good idea for them to build more catholic churches all over Australia In 1836 John Polding had 13 primary schools There were 7 boys schools and 6 girl schools John had full support from the government John was handing out any jobs starting from builders to staff John inspired a lot of people who came on his journey to help make his community and other community's a place to have fun and keep smiling During John Poldings last days in 1877 the whole community supported him and helped him through his easy days and his difficult days Soon after John Bede Polding passed away at the Sacred Heart Presbytery, Darlinghurst. They were in Sydney on March the 16th 1877 John was buried in Petersham cemetery John's remains were transferred into St Mary's Cathedral on the 17th of March 1901 John Bede Poldings funeral was huge almost 100,000 people came to say their last goodbye's to John Bede Polding the very first Catholic bishop
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