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My Prezi

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Anthony Jesuino

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of My Prezi

Double click anywhere & add an idea Anthony Jesuino The day is was Born. What is in a name? How old am I? Stress-O-Meter Top Songs for 1995
Another Night by Real McCoy Waterfalls by TLC
On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men Take a Bow by Madonna
Creep by TLC Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio featuring L.V.
Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days) by Monica Kiss from a Rose by Seal
Fantasy by Mariah Carey This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan

Gender: Masculine

Usage: English

Pronounced: AN-th-nee, AN-t-nee [key]

English form of the Roman family name Antonius, which is of unknown Etruscan origin. The most notable member of the Roman family was the general Marcus Antonius (called Mark Antony in English), who for a period in the 1st century BC ruled the Roman Empire jointly with Augustus. When their relationship turned sour, he and his mistress Cleopatra were attacked and forced to commit suicide, as related in Shakespeare's tragedy 'Antony and Cleopatra' (1606).
The name became regularly used in the Christian world due to the fame of Saint Anthony the Great, a 3rd-century Egyptian hermit who founded Christian monasticism. Its popularity was reinforced in the Middle Ages by the 13th-century Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of Portugal. In English it has been commonly (but incorrectly) associated with Greek (anthos) "flower", which resulted in the addition of the h in the 17th century.
My life.. :) Miranda Earls =] I love You Miranda :D
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