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Savvy by Ingrid Law

No description

Alexa Selby

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Savvy by Ingrid Law

The setting in Savvy by Ingrid Law takes place at their home which is in between Kansas and Nebraska, it also takes place in a pink school bus. The conflict in Savvy is that Mibs Beaumont gets her super power, also known as her savvy when she turns thirteen. When you get your Savvy, depending on what it is something bad or unusual happens. The protagonist in Savvy is Mississippi Beaumont.
Resolution /Denoument
Once at the hospital Mibs and all of her family reunites and goes to see their dad. Mibs gets an idea she tries to speak to her fathers tattoo so she can wake him up but it doesn't work.So she whispers in his ear don't give up over and over again. Finally she here's the tattoo saying I will never give up. That is when her dad wakes up from his coma.
Thank you!

Mibs' whole entire Savvy is personification she can hear and talk to tattoos or ink. It has to be on someones body though. An example is when she first here's Bobbie's tattoo talk to her. The author Ingrid Law uses personification by making it Mibs' Savvy talking to anything in ink. The effect the personification gives is that it wakes up mibs' dad. This is when they finally get to go home and have their dad back.

Rising Action
Two days before Mibs' thirteenth birthday, she finds out that her father has been in a terrible car crash. He is now at Salina Hope Hospital and not able to wake up. After hearing that news Mibs' mom and brother Rocket go to Salina Hope Hospital to see their dad. Since they are now gone the pastors wife Mrs. Rosemary from their church comes and brings her two kids Roberta (Bobbi) and Will Junior. Mrs. Rosemary will look after Mibs, her little sister Gypsy, her little brother Samson, her big brother Fish, and her grandfather. Mrs. Rosemary says that shes going to throw Mibs a birthday party at their church. Mibs gets worried because of what could happen when she gets her Savvy.
The morning of Mibs' birthday two odd things happen to her first she somehow thinks that she woke up her sister just by looking at her (her sister never wakes up early). Then she thinks she woke up her brothers pet turtle that never is awake. This gives her the idea that she can go and wake up her father at the hospital. When she goes to her party at her church she hears voices in her head and then she sees that its Bobbi's tattoo talking to her and that's when she faints. She wakes up on the pastors couch and goes to the pink bus that is delivering bibles from Salina, Kansas. So she gets in the bus thinking she can ride along to Salina so she can go wake up her dad. As the bus is leaving the driver says hes not going to Salina yet.
Falling Action
Mibs, her brother Fish, her brother Samson, Will Junior, and Bobbi are all going to have to take a few trips until they get to Salina, Kansas. On the way to there second stop they run into a girl who's car broke down, so Lester the bus driver got down out of the bus and offered her a ride. The girls name is Lill Kiteley. Lester the bus driver offered to give her a ride to work. Once there Lill was fired so she took the journey to Salina, Kansas with Mibs, her siblings and her friends. Once in Salina after a very long journey Lester quits his job to be with Lill but when he tries to leave his boss Carlene wont let him. Once they finally get out they accidentally leave samson there. So when the police come they get him back then get escorted to the hospital by the police.

The theme in Savvy is to never give up. For example when Mibs tries to wake up her dad in the hospital she tells him to never give up. When Mibs says that to her dad he doesnt give up and then he wakes up. The author Ingrid Law uses theme by Making Mibs never give up trying to get to her dad.

Never give up
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