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The Ghetto

No description

Essence Burns

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Ghetto

A Ghetto is a special section of the city that Nazi's made Jews live in. These "Ghettos" were unhealthy, usually cramped, dirty, and had little food. There were three types of ghettos.
What was a "Ghetto?"
How was a ghetto formed?
The ghetto was formed after the invasion of Poland which officially started World War II the first Jewish ghetto was formed in this country in November 1939.
What kind of things did they have in a ghetto?
They had many fires, no food, coal mines, diamond mines, shoe shops, and watchmaking shops. They had almost everything that one would find in any town or city. They had butchers, bakers, and candlestick markers, they had police, fireman's, and hospitals just in case if something happened. They had restaurants and schools, undertakers and politicians.
What happened after Jews left the ghettos?
They left the Ghettos, went to the trains and they rode for days and days and went to a concentration camp.
Who was in charge of a ghetto? How did they run it?
The ghettos were run by Jewish councils (Judenrat) who were responsible for carrying out Nazi orders. Reinhard Heydrinch, head of the Nazi security police, wasn't only responsible for the requirement of Jews to wear the Yellow Star but he was also accountable for the idea of confining Jews within the ghettos.
How did the Nazi's keep the Jews in the Ghetto?
The Nazi's kept the jews in the ghetto with high walls with barbed wire surrounding all of their property. German SS and police authorities deported a small minority of Jews from the ghettos to forced-labor camps and concentration camps, ghettos isolated Jews by separating Jewish communities from the non-jewish population and from other jewish communities.
Open Ghetto
Larger cities had closed ghettos, with brick or stone walls, wooden fences, and barbed wire defining the boundaries.

Closed Ghetto
Destruction ghettos are extermination ghettos existed in the final stages of the Holocaust, for between two and six weeks only.
Destruction Ghetto
Interesting Facts

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