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Come mine with us

Python Predictions is a Brussels-based consulting firm specialized in Predictive Analytics and we're currently looking for data scientists. Send your resume and letter of motivation to jobs@pythonpredictions.com or visit pythonpredictions.com

Python Predictions

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Come mine with us

proven interest and skills in analytics and data science (by education or experience). but also the brains to understand an organization and its business problems. and a healthy dose of common sense too.
proven interest and skills in at least one analytical programming language. also an interest in developing new skills continuously and working in rapidly changing technological environments.
python predictions was founded in 2006, and has focused on advanced predictive analytics in marketing, risk and operations in a large variety of industries in belgium and abroad. today, we are a growing team of great analysts and data scientists.
being able to communicate with technical teams (IT, other analysts) as well as business teams, project managers, general management, etc. also interest in good visualisation to help tell your story.
the talk
the walk
being naturally curious about how stuff works and even more importantly - how people behave. being open minded and critical on the output you produce. wanting to make a difference for the organizations you work for. and being creative rules!
How to become a data scientist
at Python Predictions?
Visit our website for additional details
of our activities:
Send your resume and letter of motivation to jobs@pythonpredictions.com
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