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Braden Cobb

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Write four phrases you can use to describe problems on the phone:

Warm up activity
Vocabulary - Dealing with money
Speaking and listening
Grammar Focus
Quick Review: Problems on the phone
Dealing with money
Work in groups and talk about
the different things that annoy
you. Ask follow up questions
if possible.

Do the same things annoy you?
So annoying
Wishes in the present
Time for some slang
"British Style"
I'm Broke
Unit 8A

Sorry, it's a bad signal etc.
Work in pairs and have a phone conversation
about arranging to meet up next weekend.
Include four phrases that we learned last
week in your conversation
invest in something
be in credit
get into debt
buy something on credit
get a loan

have a good credit rating
get a high interest rate
have a checking account
be well off
get money out of an
get out of debt
pay cash for something
be overdrawn
repay a loan
spend money on something

be short (of money)
have a savings account
get a low interest rate
put money into an account
have a bad credit rating
Test each other on the opposites
What are the advantages and
disadvantages of borrowing money

family members
credit card companies

A: I wish old ladies would stop cutting ahead of me
in line at the convenience store

B: Yeah, it's really annoying isn't it?! What
do you do when that happens?
We often use I wish.... to talk about imaginary situations in the present or future.

This is often used to talk about the opposite to what is true or real.

We use wish + past continuous to make wishes about actions in progress now or to refer to a future event.

" I really wish your were coming to my party." (The party is in the future)

"I wish it weren't raining."
(It's raining now)
We use wish + past simple to make wishes about states.

"I wish I knew where my friend was."
We use wish + could + infinitive to make wishes about abilities or possibilities.

"I just wish I could get a high paying job."
We use wish + would + infinitive to make
wishes about things other people, organizations, etc. do that we would like to change. This is often used to show annoyance or impatience about things that are outside of our control

"I wish that baby would stop crying so I can sleep."
We can't use wish + would + infinitive to talk about ourselves.
I hope...
We use I hope... to talk about things that
we want to happen in the future

"I hope dad brings home chicken for dinner."

I hope... is followed by a clause (subject + verb + ...): "I hope they enjoy themselves."
compare these two sentences
I hope she comes home.
The speaker thinks she might come home. This is a
real possibility
I wish she'd come home.
The speaker doesn't think she will come home.
This is an imaginary situation
It's time...
We often use "it's (about) time + subject +
past simple when we are being critical or
when we want to show that we are annoyed/frustrated that something hasn't happened yet:
"It's time you learned how to cook for yourself, dad."

We use "about" to add emphasis:
"It's about time you got a job and moved out"
We use "it's time + infinitive with to" to say that something should happen now:
"It's time to go home."
You have 6 wishes: Activity
Write six wishes about your life now or in the future
I wish I could take a year off from school and travel around Europe
Work in pairs/groups. Tell each other your wishes.
Give reasons for your wishes. Ask follow-up questions
A: I wish I could take a year off from school and travel around Europe because I want to go to Octoberfest in Munich.
Warm up
Make three sentences using the
following terms:

1) I hope
2) I wish
3) It's time
Don't worry if you don't know how to use them :)
"I wish I had a million dollars. " (I don't have million dollars, but I would like to)
B: Where do you want to go?
Don't ask pointless follow-up questions
"I wish I would have a girlfriend."
"I wish I had a girlfriend."
Pop Quiz
* This will be for 15% of your grade
* A comprehensive quiz of all material covered in class so far
* Closed book
* Collocations
* Grammar points
* Vocabulary
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