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Cold Desert Biome


Garrison Fitzgerald

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Cold Desert Biome

Cold Desert
Biome Where are they found? Cold Desert Biomes are found in the Arctic region(Greenland etc.).
Specifically, they are found at 66.5 North, and 66.5 South Longitude. Factors that Make a Cold Desert Biome Factors that make a Cold Desert Biome are the high longitude at which they are located.
Other factors include the high altitudes at which they are located. Typical Plants and Animals Typical plants include: Great Basin Sagebrush, Snakeweed, and Prickly Pair Cacti.
Typical animal species include: Antelope, Jack rabbits, Kangaroo rats, Pocket and grasshopper mice, and Ground squirrls. Typical Food Web Prickley Pair Great Basin Sagebrush Other Interesting Facts In cold deserts, snow will fall in wintertime.
The summer and the beginning of spring are very cold and few lichen and mosses can grow. Climateogram Kangaroo Rat Arctic Fox
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