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Iran's Nuclear Program

No description

Jabran Arshad

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of Iran's Nuclear Program

Iran's Nuclear Program HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today Iran's nuclear program is one of the issues causing big problems in the world. Iran has been lying about its program by saying all it wants to do is provide more electricity to it's people. With new findings by UN officers, sanctions have been made on Iran. To defend itself Iran threatened to close the strait of Hormuz which controls most of the world's oil shipping. THE WAR BEGINS!!!!! These sanctions have caused oil prices to go up, and is causing the world to go to a dangerous state which was still healing from the debt crisis from Europe. Eventually representatives from Iran and people from around the globe met to discuss Iran's nuclear program. The discussion was considered thumbs up because America stopped thinking of Iran in a negative way. Iran diplomats seem to be more intrigued in resolving this issue than expected. Even though no solution was reached American officials consider this crisis as less of an initiative, because they believe that the sanctions placed on Iran has forced Iran to be more gentle towards other countries. Even though America believes that Iran can be more trusted, President Obama wants all uranium fuel manufacturing to be stopped as well as all exports of uranium. As an addition they also want to demolish a newly constructed nuclear facility deep under mountains. Can Iran Be Trusted? Will sanctions be removed? If Iran can't be trusted who will win this fight of economy? Connection We can connect this article to Canada because Canada is associated with the non-proliferation treaty as well as Iran. Canada has stayed in the boundaries of its treaty while Iran broke it. In the article we see that U.S and Europeans are working hard to keep Iran controlled. Although they did not mention that Canada is also helping these countries in containing the spark that Iran has ignited. Canada signed up to say that they will not buy any oil or do any sort of business with Iranian banks. Therefore on July 1st all Iranian business will not reach Canada. Although in the fear of being attacked our economy will go down. Since the oil will be decreased oil prices here will go through the roof. People are already working hard to get money around here and if we are wasting all of it on oil where are we going to get money for food or necessities that we need to live. As you can see Iran's Nuclear program has a great NEGATIVE impact on Canada. That is how Iran's Nuclear Program connects to Canada! THE ENDDDD THE ENDD!
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