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In-N-Out Culture

No description

Ellyse Grady

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of In-N-Out Culture

Founder Harry Snyder introduces California to the first drive-thru hamburger stand in 1948 in Baldwin Park.
fresh quality ingredients
In 1954, the logo of In N Out was updated to have the arrow above the name.
"The arrow points to pride."
"We all work under the same arrow."
The protein style burger was introduced in 1955 and became a new favorite.
Years later in 1961 the first animal style burger was made and became a huge hit.
The Double-Double was later added to the menu in 1963 after customers continued to ask for it.
In 1965, Harry Snyder invests in the development of Irwindale Drag Strip.
The start of the connection In-N-Out has with classic cars
The crossing twin palms seen on the In N Out cups appear in 1972.
Represents Harry Snyder's "treasures."
Rich Snyder introduces In N Out University in 1984 in Baldwin Park.
Also in 1984, Esther Snyder, mother of Rich Snyder establishes the Child Abuse Foundation.
Beginning in 1990, cookout trailers feed the homeless three times a month.
Serve different counties in the Southern California area, including the original location in Baldwin Park.
Ellyse Grady, Tyler James, Caitlynn Wentworth, Paige Watroba, Macy Davis
Fresh ingredients since the early day
Still doing it the "Old- fashioned way"
Own & operate patty-making facility
Individually inspected
No microwave, heat lamp, or freezer
Customer Service
Associates are important and treated as family
Never franchised
Minimum of $10.50 an hour
Benefits such as flexible schedule, paid vacations, free meals, 401k plan, comprehensive & ongoing training program
All store managers are promoted within
The Child Abuse Foundation

Feed the Homeless Program

Tournament of Roses Parade
Community Involvement
No mention on website or public statement
Bible verses can be found on various packaging since the late 1980's
Drink cup- John 3:16
Milkshake- Proverbs 3:5
Single burger- Rev 3:20
Also others...
Respect and trust others

Friendliness, kindness

Do what is right

Be professional

Genuine family atmosphere
Hard Work
Hard work pays off

High quality
Helping others, whether it be in the community or co-workers
Deepest level below the surface


Mental models of ideas

Basis from which other elements of culture are derived

Assumptions that relate to customers, competitors, suppliers, communities and the legal and regulatory environments

Assumptions that relate to people, their motivations, how they work, and how they relate to one another


Palm Trees
Secret Menu
Signature Uniform
Any way you want it, that's the way you get it.
Have a delicious day!
Shared Assumptions


Hard work pays off

Do what is right

Acceptance, helping others, and trusting others
Shared Values
Personable customer service
First name basis
Do right, work hard, don't cut corners, follow through
Being involved in the community
Ability to learn
Pictures of Snyder family, Mark Taylor
Wood cuts of arrow & palm trees, mildly decorated
Those cool hats
Family-like structure
The Children's Charity (matches 3-1 on donations)
In-N-Out hires only up from within their own company
Right people over business qualifications
Team oriented & focused on self-responsibility
Lars plays DnD with friends in IT department
Implicit positive attitude
"What can we do to make it better?"
Not "yes" but "right on"
Lars Ellingson
BS Economics UCI
Worked on with In-N-Out on campus, now corporate as Computer programmer
A Day Inside In-N-Out With Lars Ellingson
Two-way speaker box
Direct toll-free phone line
Fun company events
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