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Brave New World

English Project

daniel lopez

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Brave New World

Historical Analysis
Brave New World
Novel By
Aldous Huxley
Many changes are made between 2012 and 2540:
"Brave New World"
Maddie Barnhart
Presentation by
Daniel Lopez
was written in 1931 and published
in 1932. The novel is set in London in the year 2540 A.D.
Humans no longer believe in God; they believe in Henry Ford as their inspiration and ruler.
Babies are not born, rather they are decanted from a bottle produced in a factory.
Everyone is predestined to live in a specific, inescapable caste.
People are conditioned in their sleep through hypnopædia to accept their caste and to believe that the world is full of perpetual happiness.
Soma is a drug used to distract people from feelings of sadness and despair.
Individuals who fight against the chains of society are exiled.
Industrialization and technological improvements
Henry Ford and the Model T.
Introduction of assembly lines.
Mass production of goods.
The Great Depression
Created economic struggle all over the world.
People were looking for an escape from the sadness of their lives.
What was the inspiration behind these major social changes?
The early 1900's were characterized by two major events.
Henry Ford ( 1863-1947 ) was an industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company. He is credited with two major inventions that influenced "Brave New World": the moving assembly line and the Ford Model T.
The Moving Assembly Line:
allows products to be produced more efficiently. Moving assembly lines are used in the novel at the Hatchery and Conditioning Center. This is where the babies are decanted.
Example Quote:
"Slowly, majestically, with a faint humming of machinery, the Conveyors moved forward, thirty-three centimeters an hour. In the red darkness glinted innumerable rubies" ( Huxley 56 )
The assembly line is used to make the process of creating babies more efficient. It is advanced technology. The bottles that ride upon the assembly line symbolize confinement. Advancement in technology certainly has its advantages, but this quote shows how freedom is lost with continuous modernization.
The Model T:
was introduced by Ford Motor Company in
1908. It was the first affordable motor vehicle offered in the United States.
Example quote:
"The introduction of Our Ford's first T-Model...chosen as the opening date of the new era... All crosses had their tops cut and became Ts" ( Huxley 52 )
The Model T automobile had such a large impact on Huxley that he chose its date of introduction as the beginning of the World State in "Brave New World." In addition
Model T affected religion in the World
because all crosses became Ts.
Religion is replaced by technology.
For example, the word Lord is substituted by Ford.
"Oh Ford," "fordliness," "Year of our Ford," etc.
Huxley attempts to convey that God has been replaced by the industrialist Henry Ford.
Technology rules every aspect of life in his
dystopian society, even religion.
"Brave New World" and Depression
During the 20th century, the world experienced an extreme economic depression. Despair became a general feeling throughout the world. People were upset with the government, the economy, and their inability to provide for their families.
How is the concept of depression expressed in "Brave New World"?
It is expressed with Soma, a symbol of instantaneous satisfaction.
Soma is a drug used in the World State to control the emotions of its citizens. It maintains the principle that "everybody's happy now" ( Huxley 75 )
Some characters, like Lenina and Linda, often use the drug to feel blissful. Soma allows people to ignore their realities and substitute with joyful fantasies. Others realized the mask it was creating and chose to stay away from this "fake happiness".
The economic depression may have influenced Huxley's use Soma in "Brave New World" because, during the depression, people wanted a way out. They longed for a release from their doleful lives. Soma would have provided them the release they were seeking.
"Brave New World" portrays an alternative view of a futuristic world that is
controlled by science and technology
. Many Factors that developed the World State are influenced by early 20th century events. These events were the basis of the
totalitarian government, which provided its citizens with stability and shielded them from pain and suffering at the cost of their identity.
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