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Teacher Portfolio

All about Ashton Gardner

Ashton Gardner

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Teacher Portfolio

My Educational Philosophy
Ashton Gardner
About me
I was born in New Mexico but moved to PA when I was 1-year-old. My family still lived in the Midwest so I spent my childhood traveling back and forth quite often to visit. This part of my life opened my eyes to many diverse experiences and allowed me to expand my perspective. I even continued to seek new experience especially when I studied abroad. Exposing myself to different adventures has prepared me to accept many diverse students for all the great experiences they bring to the classroom.
Certified Teacher
I teach because...
I want my student to be forever influenced by my teaching. I want them to become lifelong learners. I will use their previous knowledge to build deeper understanding and create connections. I will guide my students through the process and facilitate their learning. I will help them develop by using thoughtful questions and other best practices.
My community of learners begins by...
Getting to know the whole child, as well as allowing the students to get to know each other. We will accept diversity and even celebrate our difference as well as our similarities. This will be endorsed through diversity in my lessons. Using different materials and strategies will allow everyone to be successful and feel valued. We will all recognize that our community is unique because it is made up of every child’s unique personality and culture.
Every student in my class learns because...
I recognize that children learn in different ways and at different paces. It is imperative that I incorporate strategies for each learner and keep them engaged. This includes providing students with “windows” and “mirrors” in the lessons. Students will feel connected whether because they can see themselves or because they are gaining knowledge about something they may not have experienced before. This creates an environment where students feel accepted and comfortable and can see each other as tools for success. The students will use each other’s knowledge to help balance their needs when I am not available to meet with each student. There will always be a variety of grouping to keep balance.

Learning with variety and choice will supply students with the opportunity to build on their strengths while supporting their weaknesses. Careful lesson planning and consideration for every student will create this environment. Providing choice permits students the opportunity to be excited about their work and really have a connection to their learning. In turn it becomes apart of their everyday life, creating lifelong learners.

My goal for each student is to deepen their thinking and widen their mind. There is no set goal for everyone because everyone starts at different places but to make significant progress
Philosophy (cont'd)
We all cooperate to allow our students the best opportunity to learn by...

Providing and using each other as resources. We can diversify our teaching by using our community’s, colleagues’, and parents’ knowledge to benefit the students’ learning. By working together, learning will be related to the world around us, far and wide. Technology will help bring the world to our fingertips when appropriate. This provides a plan that connects with the administration’s goals to form collaborative learning and working and create lifelong learners.
My philosophy has been influence by many people including: Freire, Dewey, Kozol, Sizer & Sizer, Gardner, Nogera, Vygotsky, Ray, Calkins, Routman, and many more
Philosophy (cont'd)
SWSG Mentor Program
"How-to" blow a bubble
Writing Project
Pre-K Literacy
Thank You for taking the time to view my digital portfolio!
3rd Grade Morning Meeting
3rd Grade Math Center
This was used for practicing money skills after the concept was introduced
3rd Grade Language Arts Mini Lesson
3rd Grade Fact and Opinion
Small Group Review
Part of 3rd Grade
Science Sound Unit
Lesson Plans
Dedicated teacher, focused on improving everyday
Lesson Goals
When planning a lesson my primary focus is to complete the goals outline in the curriculum while tailoring the content to my students' interests and abilities. I think about including many elements to introduce and practice topics in order to reach all learners. I also think about how I can involve every student. I want every student to be thinking and growing with each lesson. Collaborative activities are essential for student learning and are included often in my teaching.
Exit Slips
"Get to know you" Bio-glyps
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