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John Park

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of John's

He also did not wanted to show his change for revenge to his girl friend that eventhough he loves his girl friend, he tried to be far away from her. Theater/Play Symbolism Lord of Flies Songs My old kentucky home Heal the world Poetry The love song of J.Alfred Prufrock For the love Speech Speech to the Virginia convention Korean declaration of the independence -When Korea was under the control of Japan,
Korea could be independent with the help of U.S.A. Hamlet -Hamlet's love could not achieve with his death. Romeo and Juliet -Romeo and Juliet also could not achieve their love,
and at the end, they both died. Authors Yi Sang Ronald Darl Character Development Metamorphosis Animal Farm Short Story Monkey's Paw - This story shows that nothing can be earned properly without any effort or payment. - This song shows how the slaves are missing their home. Setting Stranger Allusion Poker flat Both of the stories are related by
love, and it also ends with death
of main characters. Both of the poetry is about love
that they all are missing their husband
and wife. Espeicially with for the love,
the man is singing for his wife. Lord of the flies has a lot of
symbols. Head of pig on the stick
and flies around the head represents
the devil which is in human mind. Animal farm has special characters
that the book personified the
animals. They developed as their
mission is failed, and they tried
to find better way. -It gives strong feelings of freedom
It was really impressive with the strong
opinions of the speaker. This story also shows that how human
can change when their environment is
changed. The setting of Strager is little bit dark
and it happens when the industry was developing. A lot of gases and smoke was around. Both of the authors included surealism in their writtings. espeicially, Ronald Darl included a lot of surealism in his child book. His child books were surealistic that catchs child's eye. Lord of the ring Lord of the ring also represents how
person change when they got power.
The ring in the book symbolizes greediness
of people and other living things. Metamophosis shows how the enviroment
changed with change of the character.
By Gregor's metamophosis, he loses everything.
He becomes not able to work anymore that
nobody cares.
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