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Camp Center Stage

No description

Pippa Elolia

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Camp Center Stage

Camp Center Stage
Challenges and Solutions
Finding councelors and students to volunteer
Getting enough campers
Funding for the camp
Maintaining a focus on arts for the campers
Camp Center Stage
1. Dance
The third class of the session
Campers will learn basic skills in a variety of styles of dance.
Campers will learn and memorize choreography for the final production.
The first class of the session
First day: Auditions
Campers will learn basic improve skills
Campers will learn lines and blocking of show
Props will be incorporated
4. Theatre
3. Music
The last class of the session
Campers will learn basic site reading, as well as the music for the performance.
Campers will learn how to play the instruments they make in the Art session.
No former experience is required.
The Budget
The second class of the session
Campers will learn how to make set design and costumes for the performance.
Each day, campers will pick a craft to fo and take home.
St. Andrew's Mission: To promote Educational, Economic, and Social growth for individuals and the community.
2. Art
Camp Center Stage at St. Andrews Center helps fund-raise money to support the children of Highland park.

In doing so, local children in Chattanooga can enjoy a fun summer program that covers several art forms including:
UTC volunteers
Allow volunteers to add imput
Advertising for Volunteers
-greek life
-campus radio
Advertising for campers
-Kumon Learning Centers
-Girls Inc.
-Chattanooga dance studios
-Chattanooga music schools
Payment for camp due prior to each session

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The Impact
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