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A matter of trust


Akilah Bradford

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of A matter of trust

A matter of trust Anne Schraff My opinion of the book is that it was an great book, but it have couuld've been longer with an better ending. But the author's idea of the book was great. Characters Mattie
Darcy Brisana
Hakeem Charolette
Grandma Dad
Cooper Tarah Problems/ Conflict
Darcy is in high school trying to juggle friendships, her relationship with her father and Hakeem, and her elderly ill grandmother. Main Events
Darcy taking care of her grandmother add school Most of the story happened at school and Darcy's house. i recommend this book because it's not only a great book, but it is a book that is giving the right advice and giving a taste of what high school could be like.
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