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Copy of Preserving Irish Music in the 20th Century

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Aislinn Brennan

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Preserving Irish Music in the 20th Century

Preserving Irish Music in the 20th Century
Gael Linn
-est. 1953-made commercial recordings of trad music/songs
--->Slógadh-annual youth competition to promote trad amongst teens

Na Píobairí
-est 1968-revive uilleann pipes--->excellent archive of photos
and recorded material

'The Living Tradition'
-national sector in charge of promotion and preservation of Irish music
Organisations such as '
' -weekly group sessions in charge
TV sessions held on TG4-National audience
-annual event to celebrate and compete in Irish dance, music and language
Types of Fusion/Traditional Irish Bands
Altan- Donegal, 1986
Developments in Irish Music during the 1950's and 60's
Developments in the late 20th century
Discuss some of the changes that took place in Irish Traditional music in the 20th century (2012 Music Listening Q3)
The Essay Question
a festival or
In Q, develop points
on musical examples
Main Developments
New instruments-Bouzouki , electric guitar and keyboard
1960's group playing has become most popular way to spread-used to be rare/talented soloists
Modern techniques such as fusion-harmonies, fusion of genres draws different audiences
Sean Ó Riada
Born 1931-Composer from Cork. Played violin, piano and organ
1961-1969-leader of Ceoltóirí Chualann-live performances -->played in theatres/concert halls
Played Bodhran to preserve and used harpsicord instead of a 'clarsach'-->wire-strung harp
The Horslips-
celtic/rock, 1970
The Corrs-1980
The Pogues-1980, celtic/punk
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