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Non-profit Organization

Explanation about nonprofit

jane lee

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Non-profit Organization

Definition - acts like business organization
- benefit society
- NOT to gain profit Nonprofit Organizations Benefits - Do NOT need to pay federal tax Jane Lee, Tina Hsiao Examples 1 Red Cross Labor Unions Articles - Turnovers

- Volunteers - Less responsibility on debt - Tax deduction for donors - Eligible for grants - Tax deduction for donors - Eligible for grants Disaster Relief
Lifesaving Blood
Health and Safety Services
International Services Strike&work stoppage
protect&represent workforce
fundamental part of economic powerhouse The Red Cross Movement was created 150 years ago to alleviate suffering in war. But armed conflicts are different today, making relief efforts more complex and dangerous.

People from Red Cross were killed while helping

In February 1863, Swiss businessman Henry Dunant seized the initiative to negotiate an international agreement for the treatment and care of war victims. It was the birth of the Red Cross Movement.Private combat forces.

“The lack of clarity in the combat scene makes it increasingly difficult to reach agreements over what we do," said Johannes Richter, who is in charge of German Red Cross relief efforts abroad. It's not just that the work of the Red Cross is affected: employees often become targets, as reports of killed and kidnapped members show.

since they are required to be neutral and peaceful and bare no arms the organization established its own security officer who is responsible for analyzing and preventing risks.

http://www.dw.de/red-cross-150-years-of-helping-between-fronts/a-16597140 Costs EXAMPLES 2 -Lower wages -Long working hours -Unpredictable changes
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