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plant design

No description

babak panahi

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of plant design

Production of 45,000 tons/year of 99.8% Pure Cyclohexane through the Hydrogenation of Benzene Catalyst Introduction Uses Uses Market Analysis Benzene & Cyclohexane Price Trend Comparison Supply & Demand US Data Historical:
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil

Hydrogenation of Benzene
Liquid Phase
Vapour Phase Rationale for selection of IFP process
No feed preheating required
Good thermal control leads minimizes side reactions
Only two reactors required, a slurry and a finishing reactor
Convenient catalyst replacement due to continuous circulation of catalytic slurry
Relatively low catalyst & equipment cost
Minimal downtime IFP (Institut Francais du Petrole) Process Catalyst & Reaction Kinetics Raney-Nickel Catalyst (NIPS-2®) Nickel on Alumina (LD-143®) Possible Side Reactions Reaction Kinetics Location Catalyst & Reaction Kinetics Catalyst & Reaction Kinetics Location 532.4110 x10^6
Gallons Liquid Phase: UOP Hydrar Process Equipment Selection: Primary Reactor Packed bubble-flow reactors Slurry Reactors Equipment Selection: Slurry Heat Exchanger Equipment Selection: Other Heat Exchangers Equipment Selection: Separator Equipment Selection: Stabilizer Key: B (Best), G (Good Operation), F (Fair Operation, but better choice is possible), Rd (Risky unless carefully designed, but could be best choice in some cases), R (Risky due to insufficient data), P (Poor Operation), E (Operable but unnecessarily expensive). Equipment Selection: Reboiler Equipment Selection: Reboiler Equipment Selection: Pumps Equipment Selection: Pumps Equipment Selection: Compressors Equipment Selection: Compressors Future Considerations Agenda Introduction
Market Analysis
Technology Survey
PFD/Mass & Energy Balance
Catalyst & Reaction Kinetics
Equipment Selection
Plant Location
Conclusion Aspen simulation Aspen Plus Simulation Cocurrent TBR Counter Current
TBR Packed Bubble
Column Slurry
Reactor Technology Survey
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