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Persuasive Paper Topics

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Brittany Clark- Slaughter

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Paper Topics

Choosing a Topic for Your Persuasion Paper: A Supplemental Prezi for Chapter 10 in RCWW
Introduction to the Assignment
Note: This Prezi should be watched after you have read Chapter 10 in your text book.
Choosing a Topic: Dos and Don'ts
Please note that our text book explains that arguing to persuade often involves "controversial topics ... [which] means that various courses of action are possible" (253). As our book explains, the point of this essay is to persuade your readers to "take action" (253). This is so, so important. A persuasion paper is not based off of trying to convince someone of something (like, trying to convince someone that spanking their children is detrimental to their mental health). A persuasion paper actually tries to get the reader to DO something (like, stop spanking their children and utilize other parenting methods). It's very important that you keep this in mind while thinking of what you want to write about.
Explore, Explore, Explore!
I highly recommend re-reading pages 254 in your text book. This gives you a lot of ideas of where to look for topics. I suggest you watch and read the news, talk with your family and friends about controversial issues (many of you already did in your interview project), think about something that makes you passionate...after all, when else in your life are you going to have an excuse to research one topic and get feedback on it? Whatever you choose to write on will be something that you will constantly remember. Make it something you are proud of.

Let me know if you need help with choosing a topic, but I highly recommend you think about it long and hard before contacting me. I have my own passions that I would write about, but that doesn't meant that you should write about them. Your journal topic this week is open-ended, so I suggest using that space to write on possible topics. You'd be amazed at what your brain can come up with if you just write mindlessly.

A Check List
I suggest using the following check list when choosing a topic:
1. Is it something I am passionate about?
2. Is it something I already know a lot about?
3. Is it something I know a lot about but would love to find out more about?
4. Is it something I can talk about with my family and friends?
5. Is it something I feel comfortable writing about for my peers and teacher to read?
6. Do I think I will be able to research a lot on this topic (try to make a list of possible places to go to research such as websites, books, interviews, etc....if you can't come up with much, you may not want to choose this topic!)?
7. Who is my intended audience for this paper, and do I think they will actually reasonably be able to read my paper?
8. Is my topic too vague or too narrow? Keeping in mind I'm asking the reader to DO something with this paper, is that something I am asking them to do plausible or not plausible at all?
9. When I imagine the final product of this project, do I feel proud of the result?

If you answer "yes" to all or at least 8 of the questions above, you may have a good topic on your hands!
Your Assignment
On Blackboard under "Course Dialogue," you will see a forum entitled "Persuasive Paper Topics." When you feel you have your topic, post the following under the forum:
1. Your proposed topic
2. Your audience
3. What you are trying to get your audience to DO?
4. Why you feel this is a good topic for you to undertake?
5. Where you expect would be a good place to find research on this topic (if you plan on conducting your own research, explain)?
6. What conflicts you expect you may run into? Or, what are you worried about with this topic?

Please see the forum for a sample.
The Assignment: We've worked really hard over the semester working you up to the point of writing a persuasive research paper. We've explored critical thinking through the Toulmin Analysis, dipped our feet in the world of MLA citations, and played around with in-text citations. I realize this is a very scary subject for many of you, but I feel you are ready to dive in.

For this assignment, you will write a persuasive essay following the examples given in Chapter 10 of our text book. Your essay should be at least 4 pages long, in MLA format, contain at least 3 sources from reputable places, and be turned in by the end of Week 8.

Please, please keep in mind that I will walk you through all the steps of this process. As long as you keep up with the due dates on Blackboard, you will be okay. This week, I'm having you format one of your older assignments in MLA format in Microsoft Word, read Chapter 10, and choose an appropriate topic for your research. Next week, you will work on conducting the research and drafting. Week 8 will revolve around peer review, editing, and finalizing.
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