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New Orleans and Anchoridge

North American Cities project for Geography class!

Kaley Snappdragon

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of New Orleans and Anchoridge

Anchorage, Alaska Transportation Industry Mardi Gras Alaska Railroad Fishing Industry Earthquake of 1964 By: Madeline Knappenberger Wildlife Grizzly bears Black bears HUGE caribou herds Seals Bearded Seal Harp Seal female and pup Moose Ptarmigan http://www.nola.com/rivercam/ Enviroments
Glacier Bay National Park Tourism Industry Fur Festivals
National Parks
Winter Sports Bodies of Water:
Mississippi River
Lake Pontchartrain
Gulf of Mexico Moose Overpopulation Climate:
Mild Winters
Humid Summers Hurricane Katrina
Broke 3 leeves
flooded 80% of the city
Catagory 3 storm Killed 9 people in Anchorage
Destroyed 40 blocks of buildings Economy
Tourism 10 million visitors per year
more than 66,000 jobs
Ex: Mardi Gras and music festivals Items and goods Ships
Glass Oil Spill Fishermen and resturants get full effect Shrimping industry destroyed Possible drop in tourism Culture Universities
Loyola v.s. Environment Poses Greater Problm Than Grizzlies Affects of Global Warming Loss of tundra in northern Alaska
Increase in moose and caribou population
Decrease in polar bear population Economy Culture History Native Americans Inuits Aleuts Russians Some Main Ethnic Groups/Cultures French
Afican American Population Most populated city in Alaska
Size of Delaware *Fun Fact* At least 6x as many people train to be pilots in Alaska as in any other state. Nicknames The big Easy
The Cresent City
Odd Vocabulary Neutral Ground
Make Groceries
Dressed food Essential Questions Unit Question
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