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Prezi Crucible Collaborative

No description

Patrick Emery

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Prezi Crucible Collaborative

A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. Allegory Is a time period in which a fear of communism was growing in the U.S. The first Red Scare is after World War I, and the second is during the 50's. During this time Joseph McCarthy is a U.S senator and he declares he has a list of 205 state department employees in affiliation with the communist party. This was the beginning of the communist "witch hunt". Modern Day witch Hunt Crucible to Red Scare An Allegory No one wants to go against the authority because of fear, and when Betty finally speaks, Abigail and Betty make false accusations of people being involved in witch craft. Act one starts with an accusation that spreads out, then the people try to lie themselves out of the spotlight of blame. After that mindless agents agree with the idea of witch craft which leads on to more lying. Act I Crucible Red Scare When the Red Scare occurred everyone thought that by going under the radar that they wouldn't be charged with being a communist, which is clearly shown in Act one of The Crucible. The Fear of the villagers being called witches or devil worshipers over feared them and they would say" Yes it was me", only to be humiliated and to spare their lives if the lies weren't too bad about them. It also occurred in the red scare with people just going with what they said. The mob mentality shown in Act I demonstrates how one person can change the mentality of other people by force and by using fear. McCarthy is a clear example of the technique of using mob mentality. He made the public fear him by just asking them a random question and whatever they would respond he would publicly condemn them as a communist. In The Crucible Danforth wouldn't care what the people would try to tell him, he would just condemn them as witches or devil worshipers. Crucible Act II The court begins investigating and uses slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence to support their claims. The House of Un-American Activities Committee begins investigating and uses slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence to support their claims. THE COURT THE ACCUSED Among the first accused are those with little stature in society, like Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborn. Among the first accused are the "Hollywood ten". They are not publicly known and do not have a high stature in society. Questioning & Evidence Hale questions the accused and provides evidence for the court. J. Edgar Hoover, as head of the FBI, helps McCarthy and provides evidence for the House of Un-American Activities Committee. Act III In act three of “The Crucible”, Arthur Miller makes connections to the fear of communism in the McCarthy era by illustrating that truth has no value. Although there is a petition signed by ninety-one well known, honest people claiming that a woman is innocent and honest, the deputy judge decides to bring them all in for questioning because of one person’s accusations against her. The Red Scare factors into the allegory of the Salem Witch Trials through mob mentality. In “The Crucible” the individual thinker is not safe, and has no power against a group. In “The Crucible” John Proctor is seen as free minded. During the Red Scare McCarthyism brain washed people into believing that certain people were communists. Americans feared that the government was in danger of becoming communist, and became paranoid toward other people = Proctor vs Danforth Proctor's Name on the church door. They are attempting to use john Proctor's confession to promote the idea of witchcraft within Salem. McCarthy's Propaganda McCarthy and a variety of cartoon artists promoted the Red Scare and the idea of Communism in the US. This is similar to the attempt at displaying John Proctor's name on the door. John Proctor's Intense Questioning Miller describes a scene in which John is questioned for being a wizard. This captures the fear and meticulousness of the people during the time, who were not just afraid of him being a wizard, but in Hales case, afraid of him not being one. Questioning of Published Media Many Authors, playwrights, and publishers were Questioned often on content they published, to see if it or they were communist. Accused Witches' Executions The people accused of being witches and wizards were hanged. To do otherwise would be to go against their beliefs. Blacklisting Examples of this include the Hollywood Ten and the Hollywood Blacklist. These actions were taken because of their fear of the spread of communism. TV networks and Hollywood studios could demand that Youtube's domain registration company shut the entire website down forever. Legislation that enables influential (wealthy) copyright owners to police the Internet with such brutality is wrong. America's fear of communism was so great that our government went to extreme measures to ensure capitalism was kept safe. If this bill is passed dollars will be wasted, and jobs will be lost when entire websites are shut down. Innocent people will endure agonizing months, or even years, of overdrawn court battles. The Hollywood ten were forced to sign the Waldorf statement which basically announced the termination of the jobs. Google.com The Red Scare The Crucible Is a play written by Arthur Miller about the Salem Witch Trials. He writes the play based on actual events and people from the Salem Witch Trials and using them represents people and events in his time. He makes sure when he writes the play that people can draw the connection between the witch hunt of Salem and the communist witch hunt.
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