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The Acorn People!

No description

Kimora Jade

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Acorn People!

The Acorn People!
D is for...Dominic Cavelli
E is for....eating together
L is Labels!
"The Acorn People" book was written by a man named Ron Jones. In this truly moving book handicapped people were put into a camp and were taught the struggles that may happen in your everyday life, yet this book demonstrated what true friendship and togetherness is all about. This book is a must read!!!!!
By: Kimora Lee
Arid made an important impact on this book. Arid got his name because he doesn't have a bladder so he cannot pull waste from his body. Therefore, he smells really bad. Arid is clammy, and gusty. Arid doesn't have many friends because of his smelly. But I think Camp Wiggin can make that all possible.
A is for Arid.
B is for Benny B!!!!!
Benny B is another important character in this book. Benny B was put in this camp because he has Polio. Polio took both of his legs. Benny is African American, peanut sized, fast with a wheelchair. Benny has a decorated chair. Benny was his own man, he didn't need much help with things.
C is for Colonel Mr. Bradshaw
Colonel Mr. Bradshaw in this book was not one of the most pleasant people to be around. He was very strict and wanted the kids to be on an exact schedule. Meaning that everything was in order and no time to just talk and be with your friends. Mr. Bradshaw was one of them people that wanted everything to be perfect. Throughout this book many peoples thoughts and actions have changed...but not Mr. Bradshaw. In my eyes he's not one of the greatest people in this book.
Dominic was one of the camp counselors. He LOVED working with kids any way he could. He was from New York, he was italian. Dominic was tall, and had deep brown eyes. Dominic was mentioned quite a lot in this book. He was one of the counselors that let the kids...be kids. That's why the kids enjoyed his company.
F is for...Ferocious Summit
The Summit was an important part
because that is where the kids had
a really good time. The kids climbed it.
They had a play and ate lunch. The
reason I chose this was because the
kids had the time of their lives. They
felt like the had a meaning in the
world and not just "handicapped
The people in Camp Wiggin always ate together. Every night they would have dinner together. In the morning they would have breakfast together. Eating was an important part because many of the campers needed help. Eating made the camp fun.
G is for...Girlfriends
Girlfriends were an important part in this book because they are what kept the boys happy. The girlfriends and the boys had good time together. They went to the dance, the swam. Also, the boys gave the girls acorn necklaces. The boys and the girls both had a good time at Camp Wiggin.
H is for... Heroic Mrs. Nelson
Mrs. Nelson was very important in this book. She was the one that wanted the campers to be children not just labels. She was heroic because she loved the kids, where as some people did not care about them. She helped the girls with their make up. She helped keep the place clean. The is just some of the GREAT things that Mrs. Nelson did for these WONDERFUL kids.
I is for Inner Tube
The reason I say inner tube is because this actually was an important part in this book. Arid was always in it for swimming. The inner tube was mentioned a lot in this book. The kids loved it. I think that small inner tube will be missed.
J is for Janie
Janie was one of the girlfriends. She was the one that was by the pool. She was also at the dance. She most with her girlfriends most of the time. In the end all that may change.
K is for King
King was an important part because that was the closing thing in this book. At the end of this book Arid was crowned the Camp Wiggin king. Mrs. Nelson was the queen. Arid was crowned because he was the best at Camp Wiggin. Arid was the best you could ask for.
Labels meant a lot because the kids made them on Parent Visitation Day. They used them to label different items. Mr. Bradshaw loved the idea. But Mrs. Nelson did not. She wanted all the kids to be themselves and not let them be organized by labels.
M is for Martin
Martin was one of the main characters. He was likeable, and very very outgoing. He is very wise. In the same sense he is very demanding. All in all he was a good camper at Camp Wiggin.
N is for Necklace
O is for Outrageous Schedule
This necklace of acorns was made by the campers at Camp Wiggin. This necklace symbolizes togetherness and to die for friendship. This necklace was an important part in this book. "The Acorn People" was a good title because that was exactly what they were. The acorn necklace meant a lot not only to the campers but also to teh counselors.
I say this because the schedule that they had was to strict. Mr. Bradshaw made it to where the kids didn't have enough time. They constantly had to rush to one stop to the next. They need more time for themselves. To hang out and enjoy why they came to camp.
P is for Pool
The pool was important because that was the climax of the story. The kids had a good time there. They swam with the girls. They played in the inner tubes. They kids finally enjoyed themselves for the first time in a long time.
Q is for Quite amazing dance
The dance was important because that was for the campers. The campers got crowned. Everybody enjoyed the dance. At first they were scared. In the end that all changed quite a bit.
R is for Ron Jones
S is for Spider
T is for Thomas Stewart
Ron Jones was the amazing author that wrote this moving story. In this story he was really one of the camp counselors. Also in this book you will see his mood completely change. It changes from scared of the kids to not wanting to be without them. Ron Jones is a great man. He loves kids and knows how to write a GREAT BOOK.
Spider was an important character. Spider lost both of his legs and arms. His name is funny because spiders have legs but he doesnt. Spider is alert and perceptive. Spider had to be fed. Spider also LOVED to talk.
Thomas was very light. He has muscular sclerosis. He had a dry and crusty mouth. Thomas also always had a blanket. Thomas was very important in this book.
U is for U.S.S. Acorn
The U.S.S. Acorn was important in this book because this was the painting the kids made on the wall. This was a big painting. This was also used in the play. In the play the kids used this a lot. This painting meant a lot to them.
V is for Video about Water Safety
W is for Camp Wiggin
X is for Lenny X
Y is for Yappy, or Talkative
Z is for ZOOM!!!!
This video was the one shown on Parent Day. It was about water safety. The parents and the people at the camp did not like this. They did not like this because they knew that the kids could not do all that. This was a very disappointing video.
Camp Wiggin was important because that is where the story took place. Ron Jones was very good at capturing the exact moment of everything. Camp Wiggin for the kids meant a lot because they had a good time. They also were outdoors were they could run and do what they wanted. Camp Wiggin meant peace to the kids. A place where they could get away and enjoy themselves.
Lenny X was very important. He was always nice to the kids. He liked to sing. The kids always knew what counselor was coming when they heard him singing. Its safe to say that Lenny will be missed.
Yappy is for talking the kids at camper were always talking. Spider was the one that talked the most. Everyone at Camp Wiggin liked to talk. They loved to communicate with each other. Talking was very important to the kids.
Zoom was important because that is how the kids got around. They all had to be speedy quick and get to there next place. The reason they had to be so quick was because if not Mr. Bradshaw would get mad. Zooming around was fun for Benny B. He loved to be mobile and be fast.
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