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The Beatles

No description

Paula Milena Paz

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of The Beatles

Why did the Beatles change their looks?
Pete Best
, the first drummer of the band
Early Years
Top Ten Club, Hamburg 1961
So now they were 5...
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
were introduced by a mutual friend in 1957, at a local church festival where Lennon’s band, the Quarry Men, played.

George Harrison
, a schoolmate of Paul’s, joined the Quarry Men seven months later
Stu Sutcliffe
a friend of John’s from art college, became their bass player in early 1960
Needing a full-time drummer for their upcoming residency in Hamburg, Germany, the band hired
Pete Best
, whose mother, Mona, ran the Casbah, a coffee shop/club located in the basement of her home.

In February 1961, they played the Cavern Club, a jazz club in the heart of Liverpool, for the first time. Over the next two-and-a-half years, they would play nearly 300 concerts at the Cavern, at both lunchtime and evening sessions.
They had an audition with Decca Records but they were rejected because
“guitar groups are on the way out.”
Sutcliffe wanted to stay in Hamburg to study art and he fell in love there with Astrid Kirchherr
The 5th Beatle,
The lost Beatle.
Sadly, Stu (aged 21) died of a brain hemorrhage in 1962.

They fired
Pete Best
and replaced him with
Ringo Starr
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